Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Grange B @ Agilent in Over-35 Team Cup (Tue, Apr 30,'10)

1. C Looby l G Hunter 3/9 5/9 7/9
2. A Stokes l J Watson 9/10 9/10 3/9
3. D Brown l G Fulton 6/9 9/10 5/9
4. N Love l G Sinclair 0-3
5. A Whitelaw w/o agilent scr (l G Fulton 1-3 in a bounce match)

Overall Agilent won 4-1. MoTM goes to Gavin Fulton for playing two matches so than nobody went away ungubbed ;-).

Splashed our way thru the sleet and snow to The Two Bridges for split-pea soup and a nice selection of sandwiches. Talk turned to the turning rule and where the Agilent players would go once the site moved to the Gyle and lost the squash courts.

On we got to the plate and a likely semi-final at Tyne while Agilent progress to a likely cup tie with the mighty Watsons. (Report: Loobster)


Anonymous said...

And where are the Agilent chaps planning to go next season? Bermuda? Bondi?


The Windmill said...

Costa del Linlithgow for 1, Playa del David Lloyd another, Vista Dalgety Bay another and undecided so far for some others, I'm sure they'll do a beauty parade of convenient clubs.

Old git said...

Aagh. Watsons took a dive into the plate semi against Grange B while Tyne progress to play Agilent in the cup semi.

Anonymous said...

Grange B have an easy match next week against Watsonians.

Sir Alex Ferguson

Anonymous said...

Grange B moved effortlessly past Watsonians into the plate final.

MoTM award goes to Christy for getting five bodies ready and willing to play.


Anonymous said...

Grange B moved swiftly into the final of this year's plate competition.

MoTM award goes to Christy for getting five bodies ready and sort of willing to go on court.


Anonymous said...

It's there twice now.

I'm pretty sure everyone knows who the MoTM is now. Or shall I mention it one more time.


Helicopter said...

What's with these Watsons boys, that they become racket shy once the clocks change ;-)
Anyone would think they were off playing cricket or somesuch!

Thanks for the MoTM, Rich. That's about the only way I get an award these days.