Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Grange Two's at ESC (Tue Oct 26,'10)

The second match this season saw yet again a completely different 2nd team with only 2 out of the 5 from a fortnight ago playing tonight. In a similar vein to the last match we welcomed another new member to the club and team squash, this time in the form of Duncan Walker from Trojans squash club in Hampshire.

Getting to ESC proved particularly troublesome tonight with Belford road being completely closed off, and ean bridge being a nightmare. This resulted in certain members of the team turning up late, or dumping cars at the top of the road and walking. However picture one experienced unflustered member of the Grange who through the extraordinary talent of sixth sense predicted the closure and arrive in fashion on his scooter winding his way through the road works----> Christy.

The first game on court was new man Duncan Walker vs Ken Steele at 5. This game was a hard fought 5 setter with each of the games being tight but with Duncan pulling through in the end to take the match. Duncan gets the man of the match prize. (Ed note: Duncan worked like a trojan in this one, hehe)
Score 3-2 (9-6, 7-9, 9-7, 7-9 & 9-5)

At the same time Christy Looby was playing JJ Tait at 4. The first game was a very long game in fact taking up 3 columns of score sheet. 9-9 was handed over a least ten times between the pair. You got the feeling that whoever took the opening game would win over all, and so it was. JJ won 3-0.
Score 0-3 (9-10, 4-9 & 6-9)

Next on court was Ian Forbes at number 3 vs. Pete Brierly. A long hard fought tactical game with points being traded back and forth and games going back and forth. Challenging calls, tight shots, complaints to the ref, tantrums and the odd curse featured in this game. In the end Ian won by the narrowest of margins.
Score 3-2 (5-9, 9-5, 7-9, 9-4 & 10-9)

At the same time Gary Walker began against Chris Brock at number 2. I didn't see the game but what I am told is that new boy Chris to ESC was certainly a very good player and finished off Gary quickly with a few errors thrown in to help him along the way.
Score 0-3 (1-9, 2-9 & 1-9)

Finally at number 1 Mike Hall took on Senga Macfie. Again I only saw the third game which was a tough game. Senga took this one to win all three.
Score 0-3 (3-9, 1-9 & 5-9)

Over all score 18-8 to ESC 3 with Grange 2 still seeking its first victory this season. Excellent food of sausage & chicken cheesy pasta with bread and rocket/tomato salad. (Report: Ian F).

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