Monday, 9 July 2012

Racketballers at Colinton (Mon, Jul 9)

Colinton too had suffered from the floods with Court 1 taking in water from the Merchiston flood plai... er, grounds. Courts 3-6 were fine.
First up was Nick "did I get in your way" Lyth v Ian Marshall at #6. Nick was in perpetual motion again and took the first game 15-5. Ian started playing his shots and edged the second 15-13. Nick was losing control of his ball placement (ooh er) and getting in the way of Ian's shot so he got a warning and then a stroke awarded against him. This bucked him up and he ran out the next 2 games 15-7 15-10.
Didn't see Ally Ross (pictured, Ali trying to get his elbows to touch..  fail!) take on Sandy Williamson at #5, the scoresheet says 15-4 15-7 15-8 to Sandy. John Matthew took on Captain George Purves at #4 and lost out 9-15 10-15 3-15, didn't see it but it must have been due to the non-certified ball ;-).
Andrew Beames back at his former hunting ground at #3, faced John Stohlner on a 3rd court, luckily enough because we'd still be there if they had waited for their turn on either of 2 match courts. Needless to say it went to the 5th games where John pushed on to take the plaudits.
Christy faced Dave Cook ~(pictured) at #2. Both tried to knock down the walls and take turns hitting winners, Christy just managed to get a lead at the business end of each game 15-11, 15-12 and the third 14-8 whereon he started messing and just took it 17-16.
Gorzer faced Richard "corset" McBride and had a slow start but half way through the first game started to win rallies but Richard was making him run for every point he got. Toward the end of each game, the work done would take its toll and Richard would get a run of points. 7-15 7-15 9-15.
Pie and beans with salad and some chat about when Jonah Barrington played an exhibition at Colinton. Followed by seconds. (Loob)


Anonymous said...

There was also the historic moment when John Matthew actually asked for a let.

GrangeSquashClub said...

Not to mention Nick hugging his opponent in an effort to convince the ref to give him a let... Yes, Let, ha ha