Tuesday, 5 March 2013

National League- home v Heriot Watt (Tue, Mar 5)

With a sprinkling of social players gathering in the balcony, we took on the tryos from the National Squash Academy. First up we had our own alumnus of that academy at #1, Douglas Kempsell, pitted against Jamie Henderson.Douglas got off to an early lead but Jamie found his game and pegged him back in the first game. It went to extra points and Douglas was perhaps fortunate to take it 15-13. Jamie was firing down some big forehand winners but Douglas had the consistenc so the next 2 games went his way more comfortable and with it, the match 3-0.
 Aoife Kerrin played for Ireland at U-17 level and 7 years later she faced her modern counterpart Scotland representative, Claire Gadsby. The first was very close but Claire edged it 14-12, they exchanged the next 3 games without either player establishing dominance. At this point Claire match fitness took over and she won it 3-2.
  Pete Cockburn faced  Kyle Gribben at #3 and was outplayed by the youngster's touch and accuracy in the first game. The next two games they matched each other point-for-point and  went to extra points before Kyle edged them both. 0-3.
The tie was now poised at 1- with Kevin Moran v Michael Ross to decide the destination of the bonus points. Never in doubt with Kevin limiting his opponent to a handful of points in each game.
  Overall we won 8 games to their 6 which gave us a valuable 3 point win bonus.
Over baked tatties and soft drink, the discussion was the Nani sending off in the UCL tie with Real Madrid and whether Kempsell could continue his fine form into the National Championships at HWU on Sat after pushing Alan Clyne to five games in the North of Scotland Open last Sun.


Anonymous said...

Could you just confirm the score in the first game between Aoife and Claire please?

14-1 sounds more convincing than having edged it.

Mark Er

Pete said...

Is Dougie tensing in that photo? Treating us all to a gun show!

GrangeSquashClub said...

@Mark er, well spotted, typo about to be corrected.

@Pete - Clyne's got his abs, so Dougie's got his guns.

GrangeSquashClub said...

The gun-practice recommended by Dougie is documented (click) here