Friday, 12 April 2013

Kings of the countback - National League epilogue

Our Franco's Grange national league squad have completed their program of matches this week. An excellent win on Wed at home v Giffnock (on countback) was followed on Thurs by a double-header at Mannofield where we also won on games countback. A 32 point haul from 2 matches!
Below is the summary of the first half results...

 and here is the 2nd half results, including the overall tally.
   ESC lead on 134 points and we are one point behind. The top four at the split go on to the playoffs on Sun, May 26. ASRC2 are almost certain to go through with 130 points and 2 matches remaining. The main dangers to us going through are Dalgety Bay and ASRC1.
   Kevin Moran remains unbeaten all season while Dougie Kempsell has only lost to Simon Boughton. Allan Hamer, Donna Cruickshank, Aoife Kerrin and Pete Cockburn have all contributed vital game wins to get us countback wins while Georgina Jamieson, Cath John and Gordon Sloan have all shored up the team at vital stages of the campaign.

Looking forward to us playing in "the third half" providing we make it to playoffs.

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Any word on what's happening with the TBC matches?