Wednesday, 5 December 2012

GRG1s Vs DLN (05 Dec 2012)

GRG1s notched up a 4th win in a row tonight. Thanks again to our strong core of Stuart Moffat, Mike Hall and Nick Wood at 5,4 and 3

Moff cranked out yet another 3-0 victory against Matt which started with a fairly agricultural first game in which the ball only just survived! Stu pushed on and managed to tighten things up to power through the next 2. Done

Mike had a battle against Greg at 4. A topsy turvy 5 setter which he eeked through in the end. For a five setter I think Mike only got 30 odd points!!

Nick took on Charlie at 3. Raced through the first game with little opposition from Charlie who looked like he needed to thaw out! Closer battles in the next but Nick kept focused and took it in 3. Match won!

I went on against Ali Flemming at 2 in what was to be Ali's last match in the east leagues before he sets of to Melbourne for a new life in Oz! Ali swept me aside fairly easily in the first. So quick it barely registerd with me which was to be to my detriment later on!! I managed to do the same to Ali in the second and work my way to to being 7-2 up in the 3rd. Stupidly my throughts turned to planning my attack for the fourth. Convinced I was on track for the win. Not to be as I got suckered back into Ali's game and he romped back to take the third 10-8. Having forgot I lost the first I played pretty cool in the 4th thinking I had more time. I didn't! When he got to match ball I was a bit confused. 3-1 to Ali

Will was up against Ken Maxwell in a replay of their B-plate final in the GRG open. Trying to make amends for his defeat Will got up to a 2-1 lead in a match with few rallies. This was all about the shot making! Unfortunately Ken had more and took it 3-2.

Pizza and some banter afterwards. Ali was presented with a small squash survival pack as a leaving gift from his team mates. Grips, tapes, plaster etc. And a single latex glove???

Also a loooong list of Ali's favourite excuses All starting "For F*ck Sake!"

All the best to Ali in his new life down under. I'm sure squash in 35 C heat will suit his style nicely!!


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Anonymous said...

Good luck to Ali.

And to the 1s. Slow start to the season, but moving up the table nicely now.

And back up to the premier division??????