Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Ladies on the up for the last 2 weeks

The girls 1st team do it again…..  a great win over Waverley (Mon, Dec 3)
Up first was the newly engaged Jules (congratulations!!) – her mind was still in Ethiopia until the 3rd game but still a good effort!
 Lottie was on form with stylish squash and a great 3-0 result. Next up was Georgina with good tight hard hitting squash then Catherine who appears to be trying to make all her matches go to 5! 2-0 up when Donna went on court, we thought she would be long finished before Donna but…….  playing against her old Aberdeen rival she decided that she needed a little more exercise and despite having match point in the 3rd opted for a 5-setter. Fortunately the end result was in Catherine’s favour.
Also, lucky for Donna her opponent was not playing as sharply as usual so a relatively straightforward match for her and perfect timing because Donna and Catherine finished at the same time.  Georgina obviously knew that there was something suspect about Catherine’s non-bakeable baking potatoes because she headed off before supper. Not only did our potatoes not cook in 2 hours, we forgot the butter so we had to have hard unbuttered tatties for tea – tasty  beans and cheese though!!!

PosPlayerRubbersGamesPoints PlayerRubbersGamesPoints
1Donna Cruickshank1327Heather Spens0018
2Catherine John1342Kirsty Douglas0230
3Georgina Jamieson1327Yvonne Ferguson005
4Lottie Fulton1327Jo Watts009
5Julia Lutte009Sam Hart1328
Competition Points15 5
Ladies’ 1sts kept Dalgety at bay!!!! (Mon Dec 10)

Despite all of us getting lost on the way (it is the roundabout with the church on it!) Jules was mentally back in Scotland this week, Anna’s bad back & ankle held up and Georgina and Donna were both on form (Dalgety didn’t have a 5th player) so we had our first full 18 points result for this season!!!  Finished off with lovely “cooked” baked potatoes (but no butter again!) & huge cookies. I haven’t checked with everyone but I assume the whole team found their way home!

Pos Player Rubbers Games Points Player Rubbers Games Points
1 Donna Cruickshank 1 3 34 Hayley Cooper 0 1 13
2 Georgina Jamieson 1 3 27 Verity Whiteside 0 0 5
3 Julia Lutte 1 3 31 Linda Murray 0 1 25
4 Anna Gaskell 1 3 27 Hayley Verdon 0 0 6
5 Karen Kennedy 1 3 27 no player 0 0 0 Forfeit
Total 5 15 146 0 2 49
Competition Points 18 2

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