Friday, 18 January 2013

Three's home v Watsons (Thurs, Jan 16)

Christy up first, in control for the first game against fellow-leftie Ian Clark. Took it too casual in the second and paid the price, screwed the nut for the next two to just sneak home in 4.
   Dougie faced the hard-hitting Chris Green, it was nip and tuck going into the 5th, Chris got a good lead which was all Dougie needed to haul it back and take the win.
  Mark "Serve weird or dive until you drop" Dutton on against Gordon "boast you until you top yourself" MacDonald, the boast won it this time 3-1.
Gorzer against Mike "running man" Sinclair, this too was nip and tuck until the 5th when Sinclair's stamina saw him through.
   All to play for between Andy Whitelaw and Jim Dougall. Something was not right with Andy and while he completed the match, he didn't really contest it. Doctor has since diagnosed "health issues. The problem last night was spondylitis. Also tennis elbow. She also wants an x-ray on the cold hand".
Overall a good points score against the top team in the league.
   Back for pizza and beer (or wine in Ian's case... Watsons attract a better class of player these days ;-) where talk turned to the racket sport development at Grange.

Pos Player Rubbers Games Points Player Rubbers Games Points
1 Andrew Whitelaw 0 0 1 Jim Dougal 1 3 27
2 Mike Gore 0 2 34 Mike Sinclair 1 3 34
3 Dougie Brown 1 3 41 Chris Green 0 2 31
4 Mark Dutton 0 1 26 Gordon MacDonald 1 3 34
5 Christy Looby 1 3 34 Ian Clark 0 1 23
Total 2 9 136 3 12 149
Competition Points 9 15


Anonymous said...

How many pints did Iain Clark drink?

Pernod Ricard McIntosh

GrangeSquashClub said...

None - he was the wine drinker.

Sinclair - he was champion pizza eater. We need an all-you-can eat night, he'd be a shoo in, in Div 4.