Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Grange home v Colinton Castle (Tue, May 2)

  Tonight was the first home game for Grange against a strong Colinton Castle outfit.
Nick "would you like a let" Lyth started at 6 and went down 0-3 albeit in a close match with John Barrett.
John Matthew went on at 5 against Sandy Williamson and whilst I didn't see much of this match did well to pick up a game before going down 1-3.
Ali Ross took the number 4 position against John number 2 but despite playing well, another 0-3 loss.
Mike Gore was number 3 tonight and made things difficult for himself against John number 3 (Stohlner) before finally remembering he wasn't playing squash and pulling out a 3-0 win.
My match was against George Purves at 2 and it was advantage Grange due to heavy balls disrupting George's rhythm. A 3-1 win. (Apologies also due to Sandy and George for moaning about the strokes in game 3).
Christy again went in at 1 against Richard McBride and covered every board on the court against the man in a corset but was well beaten despite his efforts. I am not sure whether Richard needed to have a shower after the game but Christy certainly did.
Onward to the bar where Christy wimped out of the catering challenge and sent out for baked potatoes. I am not sure the Racketball budget can take this extravagant expense every week so I am expecting a better effort in the kitchen at the next home game. (Report David Grieve) Man of the Match: Grieve/Gore for getting us a brace of wins.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Christy could bring a selection of home-made fillings for the baked potatoes.

Loob said...

The only title at stake for the season is MasterChef... and I flunk it on the very first home match.