Monday, 7 May 2012

Grange Vs Bologna (28 April 2012)

On the 28th of April Grange were visited by a touring side from Bologna.  Nine squash fanatics made the journey to face ourselves, Sports Club, Waverly and Watsons over the course of one weekend!  Led by Yorkshire/Italian Tim Simpson the visitors ranged from freelance pro (Tim) to a couple of new comers who thought nothing of taking their skills on the road.

Grange managed to field a fairly strong team on the day and got wins across the board with most games going to 5, even if we got to 3 first!  Good banter on court and after up at the bar.

The Grange shop took a hammering as the Italians bought up every Grange emblazoned memento they could get their hands on!  Next time you are in Bologna look out!

As the night went on our guests retired back to their hotel to prepare for dinner and then a ghost tour!  All but Tim and Julio who felt they needed some professional assistance to keep limber for the rest of the tour!

The Grange boys (Pete, Rich, Will, Gordy, Gary and Allan) took to the town to toast Rich and Allan’s final games in Grange colours.  Good night out ending in shady drinking games.  Definitely rigged against the captain!


Allan Hamer
Tim Simpson 
Will Kerr
Pier Maria Spettoli 
Gianluca Musiani 
Mike Hall
Davide Calzolare
Nick Wood
Davide Righi 
Gordon Sloan
Julio Lucchini 
Alan Stokes
Loris Degli Esposti 
Ian Green
Marianna Mattei 
Gavin Fulton
Monia Di Marco

Bit of Ian Green doubles action!


Loob said...

Top hospitality, Capitano. Good to hear they cleared out the clothes box- we need to invite them over for the Grange Open in Nov for some free T-shirts!

Anonymous said...

Are Rich and Allan going to play for Bologna next season?

Loob said...

More likely in Lahndan and Grampian respectively.