Friday, 3 February 2012

GRG2 Vs Deer Park (01 Feb 2012)

Deer Park’s 1st team were the visitors last night. The last slog between the two teams (October) resulted in a 15-4 defeat for Grange so we were up against it to make amends on a cold February evening in Stockbridge. However, we gave it a good shot...

Will Henderson & Stuart Moffat at no’s 5 & 4 for Grange showed real composure against their opposition to both walk off with 3-0 victories. Will’s seasoned opponent in the shape of Andy Duff was not a push-over but Will seemed to have a fairly good control of the match. At no. 4 Stuart (man of the match?) was also dictating the tempo allowing his opponent only 11 points across the 3 games.

At no. 3, we had Stokesy who was trying every trick in the book but was out-muscled in four games. Similarly, the Sloan Ranger was in at no.2 and couldn’t get the points on the board. Eric McMullan had the experience to see me off quite easily in the end after four games.

This set Mike up nicely at no. 1 with all to play for and the match didn’t disappoint with some scintillating squash at times, deft touches and sheer grit from both players. Mike walked the first 9-1 but Colin McMullan came back in style to win the second and gradually increased the tempo from there. Despite another game for Mike in the 3rd, Colin ended up taking the 4th and 5th to finish off an overall tight match.

Keen readers will already have established that Grange won a greater number of games on paper (10-9)… but the added match points for our opponents resulted in an overall loss 12 – 14… close, but no cigar. (GS.)


1Michael Grinton0228

Colin McMullan1333
2Gordon Sloan0120

Eric McMullan1331
3Alan Stokes0117

Milan Govan1329
4Stuart Moffat1327

John Miller0011
5Will Henderson1327

Andy Duff0013

Competition Points10



Anonymous said...

I notice a contest between Alan Stokes and Eric McMullan was missed by a whisker and possibly the grace of God. People would have paid good money to see that, though not sure who would have volunteered to mark.


Loob said...

To be fair to the McMullens, we at Grange have never had anything but good clean squash when our paths have crossed, to my knowledge.

Capitan said...

Can't decide if that was good team management or bad. At least the courts survived!