Thursday, 9 February 2012

Three's home v Mammas (Thu Feb 9)

Matt was first up at #5 against the silver fox and did really well taking the first 2 games but after that Matt got drawn into the lob/drop old man's game and he just isn't old enough for that. 2-3.
Gavin also had to get away early and was up against Brian Clough who was in imperious Forest form and Gavin did well to take a game off him.
The man of the match was a woman, Catherine John lost heavily in the first to Lindsay Muir but came back strongly to out-hit and out-run the big fella.
Andy against #3 Scott "the comeback kid" Carey, some great rallies and fun, at 2-2 I handed over reffing to get on court myself. Hopeing I was playing John Davidson for the bonus points, in control for 3 games and but just about to run out of puff and get found out, thankfully the finish line came first.
I emerged to find the bonus points were long gone as Andy he came out on the wrong side of his five games. Overall 12-15 so good points.
Talk back at Portgower Pavilion was of the upcoming 5-nations with Catherine heading to Cardiff for the Scotland-Wales match and admitting that her parents were Welsh but she was English. I almost took back my MoTM award after choking on my lime and soda with that revelation.
Quality control is still unhappy with the Franco pizza product delivery just now, though the Mamma's boys were happy enough to chomp away and they have high standards. £14 bar tab, that is as low as I've ever paid - Mamma's definitely need to work on their reputation. (Loob)

PosPlayerRubbersGamesPoints PlayerRubbersGamesPoints
1Christy Looby1327John Davidson006
2Gavin Fulton0123Brian Clough1329
3Andrew Whitelaw0236Scott Carey1339
4Catherine John1331Lindsay Muir0123
5Matt Pearson0221John Rae1333
Competition Points1113

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Anonymous said...

Come on Francos. Pull yer socks up. This isn't just a normal pizza delivery service you have here. This is the East of Scotland Pizza Prize Premier Division title that you're fighting for here.

Have spoken with John Davidson about his position in the team.
He's looking forward to playing down the order as soon as possible.