Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Waverley 4 v Grange 5

A hastily arranged lower order saw the "nil" twins, Bill Marshall and Mike Wagner take the court at numbers 4 & 5 respectively. Mike, who hasn't played many team matches before, struggled to get into his rhythm and whilst he did get stronger as the game progressed, ran out of time at 3-0. In similar fashion, Bill's game was brief however both will pick up points with just a little more composure and could possibly slow themselves down a little to gain this as there is no doubting the effort they put in.
Stephen Davie and I were next up at 3 and 2. Stephen looked to be cruising in the first with his own brand of tennis adapted for the squash court however he suddenly started to find the net (tin) and was determined to pass the ball back to his opponent in the 2nd which was narrowly lost. Fortunately Stephen managed to rally and went on to win the next two hard fought games to take his match 1-3. My game was somewhat uneventful and with my opponent struggling with injury in the 3rd it was a fairly straight forward win, 0-3.
The match even, we awaited TomMcEwan's arrival for the decider at number 1. Strolling in at 7.30pm I wondered if Stephen had been organising the evening rather than Captain Mike as Tom also appeared to have dressed for Wimbledon. Another hard fought game ensued but unfortunately Tom lost out 3-1 in a match which could easily have gone either way.
Once again thanks to Waverley for hosting another good evening. The mince & tatties were excellent followed by the usual banter and chat. It should perhaps be noted that Bill decided to miss out on the food and return to the Grange for a bit of practice after his performance. Whilst this dedication is to be admired he should be aware that missing out on calories will only hinder him in the up and coming BMI cup. (31st March for your diaries.)
David 'Sicknote' Grieve
Acting Captain (Also wondering how these people you thrashed the week before are retaining their places in the 4ths.)

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