Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Firsts home v Colinton 3's (Tue)

PosPlayerRubbersGamesPoints        PlayerRubbersGamesPoints
1Mike Hall0021Gary Speirs1327
2Pete Cockburn0122James Burnet1336
3Gordon Sloan0234Hamish Reid1336
4Michael Grinton0020Stuart Keane1327
5Ian Faber1335Kim Byers0125
Competition Points616

Forbes got  good win against Kim, Michael G harvested a lot of tin against Stuart Kwik Keane, the Sloan Ranger just forgot to close out against Dr Reid, dunno what happened Cockburnator and Mike Hall was just
edged out 9-7 in all 3 games by Gary Speirs.
   Talk over pizza centred on how much of a giggle Kwik Keane and Dr Reid were going to get from seeing Kim's U-19 Scotland team photo, Mike Hall's days cruising the Adelphi in Liverpool with Jonathan Duff and Ricky Easton's stint as minder for Kwik Keane when he was reffing a difficult opponent in a distant club with a packed balcony heckling his every decision.

Forbes hovering to pick up a drop shot from Kim
Here's the Captain's account:
The 1s were at home last night to Colinton 3s. A slightly weaker sided was fielded with absences from Big Willy and Nick. Overall not a bad performance, Ian turning things round and getting a good win against Kim. A fairly poor performance by Grints at 4 considering he beat Stuart 2 weeks ago!  Gordy suffering another 2-3 defeat from Hamish! A slow start from myself made the comeback a bit too much to ask. Mike Hall pushing all the way, unlucky not to get a game on the board.

Abercorn next week. Hopefully full strength will be on show!

BTW, the epic saga of Grange, how they battled starvation, thirst, frostbite and arthritis for 19 games winless and came up with a win at the 20th time of asking - see the GrassRoots take on it, incl photo.


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