Sunday, 14 October 2012

Racketball Around Scotland @ Grange (Sat Oct 13)

Thirty guys and two gals turned up at the pavilion around 9:45 on Sat for the latest RASTA tourney. Unfortunately they stood on the terrace for 30 mins while Christy frantically phoned around the find someone with keys to let us in.
   So we served off 30 mins late. Some terrific matches ensued, local interest centred around Nick Lyth & Karen Kennedy in Div 2 while Christy & David Grieve competed in Div. 1. 8 guys drove up from Dumfries, Colinton Castle, Abercorn, Hatton & Waverley from the East were well represented and also a good few folk from the West.
    Club president Bill Marshall served up soup and rolls to the hungry enthuasiasts at lunch time, so big thanks to him for helping out. Karen got a prize for being the first lady to enter the series, 89 guys have played so far!
   Brian Scott from Waverley was runner-up in Div 2, belying his 70 years and showing that racketball is a game for all ages. Christy was Runner up to Hatton's Nick Tinning (great name for a rackets player) in Div 1. The Premiership final clash between Richard McBride of Colinton Castle and Jason Broadberry of David Lloyd West End was a riveting affair with the crowd gasping at some of the shot-making and retrieving. In the end, Richard came through 2-1 to double up after winning the Dumfries round a month ago.

Next round of RASTA is at Edin Sports Club on Sat, Nov 10.

See here for a slide show of informal pictures of the day at Grange

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