Friday, 26 October 2012

Three's at Bank of Scotland (Thurs, Oct 25)

Gorzer got on early doors at #3 against Robin Nisbet as he had to leave early. Mike quickly blasted of 7 points before Robin got on the scoreboard, leaving early with a win looked good. Then Robin got his perfect  lob serve to the backhand going, then he got his lengths, drops and boasts going.. suddenly Mike was 0-2 down in games and looking to be set for an early exit without a win. To be fair, Mike was moving and hitting well and he dug in, as he does, lifted the pace and got one game back. Then Robin slowed it down again and Mike was a beaten man in the fourth, all credit to Robin, a good match.
   Georgie was on with Alan Cochrane, I didn't see it for reffing/coaching Gorzer but it was a long match so I was surprised to hear it was 0-3 with Alan not making the error and Georgina doing, in her own words, schoolboy errors like serving out 5 times in a row.
   Matt Pearson was on a #2 against Ralph Bain. Matt has come on no end in the last 6 months but still I expected Ralph to steamroller him. Not a bit of it, Matt pushed him and got one game off him for his efforts (again I didn't see it for reffing, Ralph reckoned he lost focus for a game).
  Gavin Fulton at #1 against Rob Norris, a classic battle of movement against racket work. Unfortunately Gavin was outplayed off court in the first two. Then he started seeing the ball like a football and moving early, wiped Rob for one game with pace, power and the touch to finish it. In the fourth, Rob kept it away from the danger area's and Gavin's charge petered out: 1-3.
  Christy at #4 faced Bob Porch, managed to get control midway through all 3 games so it should have been early into the bar for pizza. Except at 8-0 in the 3rd, Bob started a comeback that took him to 7-8, Christy was tottering, fluked his way to serve a few times and luckily on his 3rd time of serving for the match, Bob tinned on an easy drop, otherwise we'd still be there.
PosPlayerRubbersGamesPoints PlayerRubbersGamesPoints
1Gavin Fulton0123Rob Norris1333
2Matt Pearson0117Ralph Bain1333
3Mike Gore0123Robin Nisbet1332
4Christy Looby1328Bob Porch0020
5Georgina Jamieson007Alan Cochrane1327
Competition Points615

   Just 6 of us stayed to eat food for 10, result! Talk turned to how someone stole Georgina's Princess Phiona bike in Marchmont, and her fiance's wipers had been nicked off his car. The conclusion was that some student has started a window-cleaning business with the wipers, and uses the bike to drive them around to his client houses! And if Stokesy still considered himself a "playa", seeing as he was a bit coy when encountered with Hannah while shopping in Morrisons. (BTW the match result was BOS 15-6)

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Good people to pizza stat there. Best of the season, so far.