Thursday, 1 November 2012

GRG 1 Vs Abercorn (31 Oct 2012)

The 1s were away to Abercorn on Wednesday night. After 3 matches we were facing the top team and keen to get our season going in the right direction.

Me and Gordy went on first at 4 and 5 against Ian Ross and Greg Slawinski. Gordy toook my advice and imagine he was playing Dougie Brown. By all accounts it sounded edgy but Gordy managed not to get too drawn into Ian's game and played hi own to win 3-0.

I was on a hot court against Abercorn newbie Greg. Some long punishing rallies went on (and on and on!) with big hitting from the both of us. Progress was slow bt I managed to get to 2-0 up after what felt like ages! Greg made a few errors in the first couple but was getting into his game nicely and seemed somehow to be picking up the pace! I wasn't and lost the next 2 with not much fight to be honest. The rallies were lasting ages may I remind you! I picked things back up in the 5th to give it a last shot! took an early lead, only to be pulled back and so it went on like this until 6-6. Edged to 8-6 matchball me but by this time i was seeing stars! Greg kept coming back at me with some riculous running. I think by this time we had been on court for 6 and half hours. Anyway, after all that he pegged me back. We battled at 8-8 all for a while. By this time I was giving up the slashing and had delved into my touch game!! This meant tinned or very high drops which runner Greg chowed down on to take it 10-8. I pretty good match and not to gutted by the result. Especially when I heard he was a former Olympic marathon runner! Totally not confirmed but I am sure it must be true!!

Was never going to happen over 5!!

Nick Wood was on at 3 against Gordon Steele. Sounded like at tight one when they were at 1-1. Nick kept with his game to take 3-1 and his first win of the season!

Mike Hall at 2 was against David Ross who seems to be going from strength to strength everytime I see him. I didn't see this but David was in and out of the changing room between the short games. "four shot rallies that either end with a tin or a stroke". He didn't look to happy which was surprising as he won 3-0!

Last up was your champ and mine Will against Les. A good match up with different styles. Les raced to a 2-0 lead however Will defo looked in it. Looking equally rusty and sharp at the same time if that was at all possible!! The sharpness came back as Will slotted some lovely vollies and dropped Les from everywhere. Les defo on the ropes as Will pulled things back to 2-2. Last game and for the match, could Will hold out and pull of an Arsenal type comeback. Unfortnately no! Man of steel Les whohad been throwing kettle bells around all day had plenty left and kicked on a gear to take the fith. Good game and overall good match.

Chilli up in the bar after wards where we learnt that Will is not all that good at sking??



Anonymous said...

Next stop is Myreside. Watsonian 2s are now mid-table after their first win of the season last night, against Edinbugh Uni second team studs.

We may drop down the table once other teams enter their week four results. Not many results in yet.


GrangeSquashClub said...

At least the stags will have a Myreside feast to look forward to.

GrangeSquashClub said...

Or mebbe not.
This just in from Capt Hay:
Watsons 2 are not able to field a team for the fixture on 7th Nov due to work commitments and injury

Would you be happy to rearrange the match for the week after the last matches are played before Christmas stand down period, ideally the Mon 10th, Tues 11th or Wed 12th of Dec.

Anonymous said...

Injured??? Did the table collapse with the weight of half the team dancing on it to celebrate last night's win?

And the other half are doctors who are needed to work to look after the others.


Anonymous said...

I've re-read this and it's fantastic news.

Can I get the contact name for WTN2changed on the EoSSarA website updated?