Wednesday, 14 November 2012

National League at Giffnock (Tue, Nov 13)

A historic outing, first ever appearance for the club in Scottish National Squash League in our 36 years of existance.
    #1 Douglas Kempsell took to court first at 7pm with the arena nicely heated up to 23C (click the pic to zoom in on Temperature display) and the LEDs lighting up everything brilliantly. Douglas lit up the court with some scintillating squash against Mark Ford, winning the first game for the loss of just 6 points (PAR-11!) as I arrived. He needs to keep his points down, I thought, this could go to countback. Douglas must have read my mind, he won the next two for the loss of just 1 point in each. Awesome against someone as steady as Mark.
   Next on at #4/ladies string, Georgina Jamieson took on ex-Scotland player Caron Lawrie. Vey small font on the "ex" bit. Caron was relaxed, ruthless, clinical, intense, energetic. Georgine was tense, lethargic and would probably admit, everything Caron was not. 0-11 the first, not looking good for countback points. 4-11 the second and then 2-11, better.
   It would all hinge on #3, Captain Cockburn v Michael Rogerson. Assuming Kevin would win 3-0 at #2, we needed to take a game here to win on countback games, as if it went to countback points, we were in trouble. First game. Nip and tuck. 10-10, 2 clear, Michael took it 12-10. Close but no cigar, breathed ref Douglas Kempsell. Second game. Extra points 10-10 2-clear, 11-11, 13-11, we got it! Phew. Michael won the next two 11-8 11-4 as Cockburnator had run his socks off and the tank was empty. He's done enough... hopefully!!!
  So would Kevin Moran capitalise and bring home the bacon with Stuart George 3-0. Cometh the hour, cometh the man, yes he can, Kevin Mor-an. 11/6 11/3 11/7 in a tremendous display of free-flowing, attacking squash from both. We won on games countback 7-6 to get the 3 win bonus points. We would have won 107-101 on points countback had it come to that, very tight though! Heroic stuff from everyone, even Georgina's 6 points could have been the difference!
   Lasagne and beers afterwards (soft drinks for the Academy hermits ;-) plus plenty of chat on the Nov 24 Aberdeen round and who was or wasn't re-arranging. Giffnock, ahead of the rest, apart from Grange. Great support on the balcony and a terrific club to visit.


The Real Cockburnator said...

The Cockburnator.......who is the imposter? There can be only one!!

GrangeSquashClub said...

That's our Kurgan's catchphrase "There can only be one"
Cockburnator East doesn't sound as catchy, so we've borrowed your title for National League purposes. You can have it back if you turn out for us ;-)