Friday, 2 November 2012

Three's home v Colinton 5's(Thurs, Nov 1)

Rocco came in as supersub #5 against Colinton's supersub Robin Carse. Rocco played like a sub in game 1 as Robin's everest serves caught him cold. After earnest coaching from the captain to "get some pace on it", Rocco proceeded to hit the skin off the ball for the loss of just a handful of points in the next 3 games. Supersub!
    Gorzer took on Richard Powell at #3 and proceeded to play like a sub, he was either timing the ball too early or too late. Some more coaching to "get it to the back and get a rhythm" and Mike got some rallies going, started middling it. Just conceded a handful of points in the next 3 games. One priceless cameo... Rich was a bit stranded out wide in the backhand back court playing a loose ball down the middle, Mike put it away wide on the forehand, Rich bumped into Mike, uttered "oh f*#k off you", collective intake of breath on the balcony, stare from Mike, followed by "Not YOU obviously, me" from Rich, cue howls of laughter from the balcony and a smile from Mike. Classic.
   Christy faced Adrian at #4, Adrian got plenty of handouts with his killer backhand service return but it was difficult for him to score when he served and got involved in a rally. Gavin had too much movement and pace for Gordon Robertson and Mark slotted away 3 comfortable games for the loss of just one against John Brown. To be honest, John looked dubious about his footing and again the Accies sanding dust does not appear to have been dealt with, Gavin had a heavy fall too.
    Good banter back at the pavilion, the Colinton boys having a laugh at Christy being a squash anorak and remembering names like Osinski from Napie University and who beat who in 1998 with a reverse angle into the nick! 5 pizza's between 7 of us just about got mopped up and the bar bill was a mild £25. (Loob)

Event: East Open 2012/13 Div1-4, Round: 4, Division: 4, Match Date: 1/11/2012
Home Team: Grange 3Away Team: Colinton Castle 5
PosPlayerRubbersGamesPoints        PlayerRubbersGamesPoints
1Mark Dutton1330John Brown0123
2Gavin Fulton1327Gordon Robertson006
3Mike Gore1331Rich Powell0113
4Christy Looby1327Adrian Craxton005
5Rocco Pannozzo1332Robin Carse0115


Pete said...

Good Stuff!

The bar bills have been a bit mild. So much so the 4s don't even bother to pay theirs anymore!!

Anonymous said...

Slow start from Colinton 5s this season, but the opportunity to enjoy the Grange pizzas had them queueing up to play.

GrangeSquashClub said...

Yes, I thought it might have been the "pros" in the firsts that had done a runner.
Turns out it was the fly-boys in the 4's - is there an ESSA rule docking them points for this ;-?

Anonymous said...

Docking points for eating too many pizzas and drinking too much beer after playing squash?

The heavyweights of the East of Scotland will squash that idea.

GrangeSquashClub said...

How about bonus points for the food and banter? Would ESSA's big beasts squash that?