Tuesday, 20 November 2012

GRG1s Update (20 NOV 2012)

It’s official.  The 1s are on a hot streak!  No other way to describe it (well for this team anyway!)  2 wins in a row now.  Something not seen in many a year!

Last week we travelled to the Pleasance to face Ed Uni 2s who were languishing at the bottom of the the league.  A possible chance to scoop some points?  Not as easy as we thought it might.  We faced strong opposition and scraped out a 3-2 win.  Wins coming from myself, Will and Duncan Walker.  A mention goes to Duncan who faced a match ball in his fourth game.  Dunc asked for a let on a ball which looked to be and obvious let.  He got the let but Dunc wasn’t happy.  He wanted more and told the marker this.  He eventually went back onto the court, no happy!  Faced another match ball.  Won that point then steam rolled his way through the fourth and fifth to take his match 3-2!  Good Job!

This week we had a visit from Linlithgow 2s, a team sitting just above us in the league.  On paper the teams looked very evenly matched.  Stuart Moffat made his 1s debut fresh from a rugby tour to Bermuda!  Stu faced Drew Purdie who unfortunately tweeked his back early on never managing to compete meaning Stu started his 1s career with a win.  Unfortunately not the baptism of fire he was looking for.  See who we get for you next week!!

Mike Hall faced young Sean Graham who was fresh back from a stint in the states (what’s with these guys??)  Mike raced to an early lead in the 1st only to lose out 8-10 as Sean worked his way into the game.  This might have been cause for concern however Mike stuck with his game plan (including the plan that says give away 5 strokes a game!) and kept things tight down the walls and up the front pegging things back to get a 2-1 lead in a real nip and tuck game (whatever that is!).  Mike kept a cool head as Sean looked a bit rattled in the fourth.  Some great touches from Mike kept his nose in front to take the fourth 3-1 and get his first win of the season!

Nick Wood went on at 4 against Craig Morrison.  Didn’t see any of this but it looked like Nick was on form against a very strong opponent.  3-0 to Nick to take the bonus points and his second win of the season!

At two I went on against Jack Purdie.  A hot court with both players blasting like mad and not really achieving much.  Par for the course for me on these occasions!  We shared the first 2 in the space of about 20 minutes.  I couldn’t vouch for my opponent but I was feelin it so I tried to mix up the pace a bit.  Not normally my go to plan but it seemed to work as I took the 3rd fairly easily and managed to hang on to nab the fourth as well.  3-1.

Will Kerr did the business at 1 against Craig Mitchell to take maximum points.  Didn’t see this either.  Usual slow start from Will losing the first.  9-0, 9-0, 9-4 was how he rolled after that.  Awesome!

A couple of well needed wins for the 1s and the teams overall.  Hopefully more to come!

Pizza back up at the bar after.  Vedgy Mike Hall was left with the task of ordering the grub.  Never managed to get a vegetarian pizza for himself however!  Fail!  Some deals were made with the 4s who were also at home and we did a swap so that Mike could eat that night.  He sure did.  He ate the whole thing!!


GrangeSquashClub said...

Good buzz about the courts last night and some terriffic squash, Capt Cockburn leading by example.

Anonymous said...

GRG1 currently sitting in fourth place in the league, with a game in hand against lowly WTN2.