Friday, 9 March 2012

Grange IV vs CCS 5

This week was a middle of the table clash against CCS5.

First up was myself (Mike Douglas) at 2 playing an experienced and wily opponent. He hit the ball with accuracy and Velcro and was simply too good for my scrambling. The first was lost 5-9 and soon followed by a closer 7-9. A second wind from somewhere let me in in the third and I managed to eke out a 9-3 (still not sure what happened there). Giving him a 0-5 start in the fourth wasn't the best idea and it was gone 3-9 for a win to CCS.

On the other court Brian Sloan was playing a beginner who had been drafted in for the evening at number 5. The first was over quickly at 9-1. Brian then got a little over-confident and was trying to hit winners from ever shot - serve included - and lost 7-9. His embarrassment was enough to restore normal service and 9-1, 9-0 saw the tie equalled at 1-1.

Richard Nisbet got off to a great start for a 9-0 before his opponent got used to the (cold) courts. The next two were very tight but Richard held on for an excellent 9-7, 9-6 to take us 2-

The tie of the match was on the other court where our walking advert for
'SURE'* was doing it the hard way. Johnny 'Lee' Major lost the first two 5-9, 2-9 as he struggled to deal with the absence of any pace on the ball. But in the end, fitness told, and Johnny ran out 9-2. 9-3, 9-6 to win the match 3-1.

Last up was rusty-Andy Whitelaw who toiled a bit against a fit opponent, but wasn't helped by an uncharacteristic load of volleys and drop shots into the tin. This rubber went out 4-9, 2-9, 6-9.

So in all a 3-2 win with a 15 point haul. That about guarantees our place in Division 4 for next year.

Good banter and pizza afterwards brought a competitive evening to an end.


* Even after a five setter there was no sweat on Johnny - what does he use? And no white marks !
** And Johnny 'Lee' major? The Bionic Man of course...


1Andrew Whitelaw0012

Michael Brown1327
2Mike Douglas0124

John Brown1330
3Richard Nisbet1327

Gordon Robertson0013
4Jonathan Major1334

Robin Carse0229
5Brian Sloan1334

James Betts0111

Competition Points13



Anonymous said...

Any chance of listing the players' full names? Dunno who you're talking about when first names only. Cheers!

GrangeSquashClub said...

I passed on the message to the reporter. We usually try to append the "match results" table from the matrix as this usually fills in the details.

Anonymous said...

Your wish is my command... All updated. Mike