Friday, 2 March 2012

3's home @ Accies v Bank of Scotland(Thurs Mar 1)

Dougie got us off to a flying start at #4 against Bob Porch, I didn't see it as I was on the other court but I heard Bob pronounce in the corridoor to my opponent "Just too good for me". 3-0. Christy faced Robin Nisbet at #3 and was staring down the barrel of defeat in the first but managed to get some length going and recovered it. After that,
Robin tried to mess him up with lobs and drops but never enough pace to take him off balance so the ball kept getting clouted. 3-0.
Stokesy was on where he didn't want to be, #1 v Ralph Bain. I was reffing on t'other court, and Alan kept it tight to go 6-not-much up in the first. Ralph just needs 1 ball not glued to the wall and the killer boast goes in, that is what happened for the rest of it. 0-3.
Mark Dutton at #5 against Alan Cochrane. This had everything, super running, cagey sequences, monster hits, a granny by Alan, comic rallies, dives to drop into the nick by Mark! Went to 5, then Alan finally got supremacy and his fitness told. 2-3.
Hard to top that, but Will Henderson and Rob Norris managed it. Rob is unbelievable in some of the gets he make from being stranded at the back wall. Will is unbelievable with 2 winners from through-the-legs shots to monster hits to silky drop volleys. Rob and his steel forearm got through 3-1.
Overall 11-14. 5 pizzas between the six of us, wa-hey. Super pizza too, Franco's back to their best. Talk turned to the HoBOS speciality, haggis pizza and also the topic of squash on TV and whether it will ever get mainstream TV coverage.

PosPlayerRubbersGamesPoints PlayerRubbersGamesPoints
1Alan Stokes0016

Ralph Bain1327
2Will Henderson0123

Rob Norris1333
3Christy Looby1328

Robin Nisbet0019
4Dougie Brown1327

Bob Porch0012
5Mark Dutton0232

Alan Cochrane1335

Competition Points9


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