Wednesday, 21 March 2012

GRG2 V David Lloyd Newhaven 1 (21 March 2011)

Four brave souls sailed up to Newhaven for the last game of the season. We were a man down which only made us feel stronger - like a wolfpack!!

On first was Stokes Vs Jubb and Wallace Vs Lowe. Alan and Dave Jubb were having a good ding dong to start although it became apparent that Dave was crocked. At 1-1 Alan seemed to think it was not to right to push his injured opponent too hard and rallied well but with little conviction. 3-1 to DLN. Wallace was up for the running as is usual however his game was very in and out. Taryne played some very good length and good angles which Allan struggled with however the fight is always in him making 2 out of the three very close. Taryne, playing his last game for DLN was too good and steady and took a 3-0 win.

Next up Sloan Vs Maxwell and Myself Vs Ali Flemming. Didn't see the Ranger. He battled well but was never really in it Vs big Ken who was in fine silky form!

My game was awright. Lost as per but gave decent account vs Ali. In the first I seemed to be quite comfortable in the long rallies but could get little reward. I was 2-0 done after about 20 min but started to play my way in and get a bit more comfortable on the courts. Risked a few drops and managed to set up a few scoring opportunities. I took the 3rd and felt I could maybe go a bit more!!?? We rallied for god knows how long and kept neck and neck. By this time though I was pretty knacked and Ali pulled away to take it 3-1. 5-0 loss but no great shakes. Back to the bar for maseeeeve helpings of baked tatties and fillings galore. Beers, football and banter after meant it was good night. Happy on one hand the season is over but on the other will be looking forward to mixing it up again in october! 2s demoted to league 3 which is fine by us. With only one win to my name this season be sure I'll be trying my damnedest to improve on this! I'm sure messrs Stokes, Sloan, Forbes, Wallace et al will be doing the same!

Captain out!

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