Monday, 12 March 2012

Ladies at Dalgety Bay (Mon, Mar 13)

The firsts travelled all the way to Dalgety Bay tonight. It only took 20 mins to drive there from Blackhall, faster than a trip to Abercorn but mentally, it was "over the bridge" and therefore maps were consulted. Due to an unfortunate combination of events - knee injuries, dodgy tums and sunbathing on a beach, only 4 of us made the trip North.
Scores on the night were:
PosPlayerRubbersGamesPoints PlayerRubbersGamesPoints
1Donna Cruickshank1340Hayley Cooper0231
2Georgina Jamieson1327Nicola Crosbie0012
3Anna Gaskell000Verity Whiteside1327
4Karen Kennedy0122Linda Murray1337
5no player000ForfeitLynn Verdon1327
Competition Points714

Sadly one of the 4 was carrying a dodgy back so Anna went down in 3. Georgina (not Scottish) loved playing in the sauna-esque conditions - helped to sweat out some of the wine consumed in Paris at the weekend, but the native Celts struggled in the heat: Donna looked grey walking off court (heat + 5 games + lots of running = Grey Donna). It was so hot that Karen was driving perfect lengths on her backhand! Sadly, lobbing it to the back wall wasn't so effective...

Supper was served in the fab new Swedish holiday home, with excellent views of the tennis courts. Baked potatoes with lots of protein fillings and some green decoration followed by mini doughnuts (yum) and Rolo biscuits (yum too).

Final scores were 16:9 to the others (inc ref points), and our first loss of the season. Fortunately we are now 40 points ahead of Watsonians, who had a bye tonight. They have two games left and we have one, so we can't be caught......thank you Kim and 2 more ref points.

Ponder moment: When was the last time Grange Ladies won the First Division??


Squash Anorak said...

The answer to your ponder challenge is here, should you choose to accept it

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. Strange result and stranger report. Can't be many players who aren't carrying some sort of injury or other.
Dr Squash

KK said...

To save the rest of ye from trawling through far too many clicks to see each year's result, the answer is NEVER!!! The best the Ladies have done, in 37 years is 3rd, in 1986/87.

In response to the curious doctor: Strange results happen when your nos 2 and 3 both injure their knees and actually listen to medical advice and refrain from playing squash until better. Tis true that many of us play with dodgy backs but sometimes perhaps we should listen to our bodies, and not play.