Sunday, 3 June 2007

Last summer's touring side got sent homewards to think again

Richard McIntosh guested last summer for a Grange Select VI versus Consett Club touring Edinburgh. Rich along with the tourists is pictured here watching from the pavilion as the Grange First XI beat Heriots on the cricket square. Rab McGill featured for Grange at squash for a change and Mike Perring, Christy, Stokesy & Gil Poore completed the lineup.

The Consett boys got beaten 5-1 with just one guy managing to win, and even that was a toughie with Gil Poore taking him to 4. Stokesy stayed on as they all watched England play a European qualifier when the cricket broke for tea.

Team look-a-likes

Does Todd Mitchell (real family name Pareskevopolous) give speeches while wearing tie-less suits or does Iranian President Ali Amadinejad cool down on the Grange Club squash balcony after a hard match ?