Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Which members play 3 times per week or more all year round?

I hereby award the prize for booking the most courts to Messr's P Langley and R. Pfab.
The last time this accolade was awarded (in 2005), Karl Richmond won it with ~250 bookings so Robert & Patrick have raised the bar even more this past season. Well done.

The reason Partick did't win outright (as the graph would appear to indicate) is that his cousin Russell also booked under Langley so their bookings can only be given as a total. Seeing as Russell was here until Mar, I've split the bookings ascribed to Patrick on a pro-rata basis and it is approximately the same level as Robert Pfab.

This is one reason we ask that all bookings are made under the "Initial.Surname/Initial.Opponent" format in the booking rules.

Please use this format when booking courts, especially if you have a namesake at the club, it may help you get the bragging rights, and it will help us to get more court facilities for you. (CL)