Saturday, 29 January 2011

Jester tour to Grange featured in Edinburgh Herald & Post

Click Here and navigate to page 31 for full article in Edinburgh Herald & Post, Thurs Dec 2, 2010.
Thanks to Bill Lothian of Abercorn and Sports Journalism fame for publication.

Ba'ba's home v Abercorn 2's(Thurs, Jan 27,'10)

With several members of both teams not deeming it that important to turn up on time, we started the night reshuffling the match order slightly to accommodate those who were delayed putting on their makeup etc.
Bill started at number 5 against another Bill (Lothian) or should I say didn't start as he gained only 1 point in his first game. Thoughts of the Bill nil scenario were however quickly dispelled in a dramatic turn around with our Bill going on the win the following three games 9-5, 9-6, 9-4.
Dean took the court at 4 against Bernard (Starkey) and memories of the first encounter with Abercorn drifted back as Bernard boasted his way to a first game win of 9-6 with Dean struggling to work out which direction the ball was likely to go in next. Either that or he couldn't see through his hair. Headband adjusted, Dean began to put things right and marched on to convincingly win the next three games 9-4, 9-0, 9-2 despite Bernard's best attempts to claim lets and strokes for shots he had already played and missed.
The reshuffle meant that Mike Gore was next up at 2 against Steven and whilst I didn't see much of this match it was a close fought affair with Mike winning in three, 9-8, 10-8, 9-4.
At the same time as Mike hit the court, I was on at 1 against Graham. Playing like an absolute Muppet the first game was conceded 1-9. I managed to rally in the second and level the match with a 9-4 game. Game 3 was another reversal with Graham winning 9-2 however I somehow managed to pull it back 9-6 in the fourth before closing out in the 5th 9-5. I'm not exactly sure how I won this match given my performance on the night however I can only put it down to not wanting to listen to Mike Douglas waffle on some rubbish about the "Captain's curse" if I had lost.
Brian took the court at 3 in the last match against Martin and as he raced into a 2-0 lead, 10-9, 9-5, I thought it safe to order the pizza in anticipation of a valiant clean sweep. Unfortunately Martin had other ideas and I was beginning to worry that our supper was going to be cold as he came back to win the next three games 9-5, 9-0, 9-4.
Despite Brian's efforts in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory a good 17-7 win keeps the Baba's ticking along nicely. It was also nice to note that someone at the Academy had found the on switch for the heating just as the winter is beginning to end. David Grieve (Victorious stand-in captain)

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Fours home v Waverley 4(Tue, Jan 26,'10)

Waverley have 2 teams in this division, which is handicap enough. Tonight we faced their 4th's, aground at the bottom of the division. We had to get max points to help lift ourselves out of the shallows just above them.
At #5, welcome back Dougie Brown who was too strong for leftie Brian Scott in the first two. The third was a stern test with Dougie shading it 9-7: 3-0.

At #4, Andy Whitelaw faced Mike Gibson who is the deadliest drop merchant I've ever seen... luckily the Accies courts were quite warm and Andy only conceded 14 points in the match: 3-0.

At #3, Gavin Fulton had a smack-fest with Neil Kempsell... and got smacked out of it in the first game. Gavin stopped smacking the tin and blitzed Neil in the next two. A 4th game battle ensued, with Gavin shading it 9-7: 3-1.

At #2, Jonathan Frame faced John Allan. Jonathan had had his weetabix and was up for it, urging John to go short so that the could gobble up the yards and put it away. Conceded only 7 points despite John doing everything to resist the whitewash: 3-0.

At #1, Christy grannied Peter Cochrane in the first, Peter is a better player than that and contested the next two with some great backhand drops and forehand volleys. Still, 3-0. Overall 20-3.

If Mark Dutton had played, I'd now have a long paragraph about a dive here, a corkscrew there, a nice french winery anon... but you'll have to read the 3's report for your weekly fix on Duttonism's this week ;-)

Man of the Match goes to Neil Kempsell for salvaging a point of pride for Waverley. A good team effort from the workmanlike home players. Baked tatties from Spud-U-Like back in the committee room, toppings were as varied as cheese & beans, tuna & sweetcorn, prawns or haggis on Burns night! Plus choccy bars for desert. There was one bit of innuendo banter between Jonathan and Dougie which was hilarious but I can't recall it just now. Plus the sacking of Andy Gray on Sky came in for analysis. The Burns supper downstairs was remarkably quiet in Waverley's view, quiet as (to) a mouse.

(Report: Loob)

Monday, 24 January 2011

Barbarians(5's) home v Dunbar 2's(Thurs, Jan 20,'10)

This week Grange 5 hosted Dunbar 2, one of the teams we lost to in the first leg. The week began with our Number 1, Dave Grieve, deciding he was still carrying too much Christmas weight for his bad knee to cope with, so a last minute reshuffle was needed. This week’s roll call was myself, Pete Young, Mike Gore (debutant), Robin Pollok and Matt Pearson.
First up was young Matt. Would those lessons with Mike Hall pay off? It didn’t look like it as Matt was quickly 6-0 down in the first. But as his newly trained squash brain kicked in, he began to claw back the points and made it to 7-5 before going on a 4-point run to take the first 9-7. An excellent fight-back. By now, Matt was cruising and a clinical 9-2, 9-4 followed for a 3-0 win.
Meanwhile, on court 2 Robin was also a slow starter and was 4-0 down before he took over; winning 25 of the next 26 points. At 9-5, 9-0 and 7-0, a mini revival brought up 7-3 before composure returned for a 9-3. 2-0 to Grange.
Next up was our debutant, Mike Gore who has been tearing through mini-league opponents since his return to the club. The first looked a simple affair with Mike winning 9-1, but it was tighter than it sounds. His opponent had 12 services in a game of great retrieving but was only able to put that single point on the board. The second more reflected the quality of play and Mike was soon 3-0 down but rallied to bring up 4-4. Again, some excellent retrieving was making it difficult to score, but while Mike won eight consecutive points on his opponent’s serve, he managed to eke out a point here and there and served out to take the second 9-6. The third saw a bit of a revival and Mike was 5-2 down before again going on a run and closing the game out 9-7. 3-0 Grange.
Pete Young up next. This was a major tussle with 10 serves exchanged before a single point was scored. Pete was then 3-0 before taking charge and racing out for a 9-3 victory. Pete’s form continued into the second and he was soon 8-3 and serving for the game. But some tenacious retrieving saw his opponent save 3 game points as he clawed back to 8-7. But Pete was just teasing us, and the game was won 9-7. The game was now swinging back and forth and Pete was 5-0 up in the third before being clawed back to 5-5. But at 6-6, the quality shots told, and Pete was the victor 9-6. 4-0 Grange.
Now it was my turn, playing as the Number 1 for the first time (note to self: make sure you come back down a mini-league or two). I was up against the fit and wily Phil. The first game saw lots of running (from me) and lots of standing on the T (from him) and the game went 9-5. But I was beginning to hit a better length and taking some of the T-time and from 4-4 closed out the second 9-4 in a single serve run before also taking the third 9-2. But confidence can be an evil master and it went as fast as it had arrived and the fourth was lost 9-2.
The fifth was very tight with lots of loose play followed by excellent retrieving and at 7-7 both players were ready for bed. I managed to get my nose in front 8-7 and served for the match. A chance for a clean sweep and maximum points. A long and torrid rally ensued and at last I had my opponent stranded, just a whack down the line needed. But Phil stuck out him arm, my shot came back off the front wall, hit his bat and bounced back onto the wall for a point to Phil. Gutted. Soon I was 9-8 down but saved the match point before bringing up 9-9. My second match point was squandered, but then so was Phil’s. Match point to me for the THIRD time. Third time lucky, surely now. But no, the point was lost and Phil took it 10-9 in the fifth.

All in all, a good victory 19-3. Afterwards it was back for a well deserved portion of Franco’s finest and a good evening banter.

As you can see from the title, it was me who bottled the match point. Not once, but thrice. But then you could have guessed that! (Report: Mike D)
Man of the Match goes to Mike D, if only for the laugh we had on the balcony when he ended up in a crumpled heap in the front corner at one point, plus taking a faceful of opponents racket twice, now that is what I call taking one for the team!(Loob)

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Grange 2 home v Edinburgh Sports Club 3 (Wed 19th January)

Wednesday's evening match against Edinburgh Sports Club 3 saw the first home match of the second half of the season for Grange 2's.

First on at 5th string was Patrick [Langley] a match that I did not witness. Judging by the result if i'd blinked, I would have missed the whole game. Pat winning in no time 9/1 9/1 9/2 without breaking sweat, literally!!! Does Pat have the same nervous system as Roger Federer I ask?

Next up on court were the no 2's Mike Hall and Chris Broch. Still recovering from a virus Mike found the pace from Chris to quick in the first game losing it 2/9. The 2nd and 3rd games proved to be a more even contast as in the second game which 'stalled' at 8 all ---with several hand outs going to each player before Chris finally took the game with a couple of tight accurate winning drives. The 3rd and final game proved to be just as close before Chris's consistent accurate drives and Mike's 'forced errors' proved to be the deciding factor. Chris winning 2/9 8/10 7/9

Match of the day was definately between No 3's Duncan Walker and Peter Brierley.
Grange man Duncan for the first two games played to a standard which one of the watching opposition descibed as "awesome" With Duncan playing in an all Red kit and hitting fantastic shots with silky touch on the ball, reminded me of 'King Kenny' [Dalglish] at his best. C'mon The Reds---oops I mean Duncan. Then during the second half The Edinburgh Sports club man also began to play awesome squash as well. In the post match match interview Duncan agreed that a combination of him beginning to tire and everything 'going in' for his opponent proved to be the decisive factor. Duncan losing out 9/7 9/2 4/9 2/9 1/9 Great performance from Duncan though!!!

Playing at No 4 saw Clive Allison against Ken Steele . A tight tense match saw Clive lose the first game 5/9. Coming back from injury Clive slowly started to find his old form and belief and managed to take the second 9/4. The whole match came down to the wire and with Clive serving at 8/5 in the 5th game you still felt the match could have gone either way. Clive finally digging deep into his reserves and competing strongly to close out 5/9 9/4 7/9 9/2 9/5.

The final 1st string match was a 'strictly' one sided affair as a result of Rob [Pfab] having just come back from spending several weeks on holiday in Argentina.I'd recently read that learning the Tango can prevent Alzheimers. Strange really because an 'anonymous' Grange spectator commented that Rob's passion for the tango had resulted in him "forgetting how to play squash" I replied that it's only a matter of time before Rob rediscovers his smooth one-beat-per-measure walk with some double time steps , stepping on one- two- or (rarely) all three beats in a measure --- and I'm referring to his squash!!! Waheed Mohammed winning against Rob 9/0 9/1 9/1 (Report: Mike Hall, pundit, player, coach and frustrated Koppite)

Final Match Score Grange 10points ESC 20points

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Fours @ Colinton III (Tue, Jan 18,'10)

The Grange 4 side turned the tables from the first round on a strong CCS3 side with a hard fought 12-15 win at Colinton Castle.

First up was Gavin Fulton at no 4 against Norman Murray. Unfortunately this author was unable to see any of that match but the scoresheet shows a very even 9-7, 4-9, 9-6, 6-9, 9-7 struggle that just went Gavin's way right at the death after a number of handouts at 7-7 in the 5th game. A useful result given the closeness of the night by the time the rest of us had finished.

On the court next door, your's truly (Mark Dutton) had the tricky task of Eric Donohoe at no 1. In the end, Eric proved just a little too strong but it was a good close match 5-9, 9-10, 9-7, 4-9. When I was going for my shots I was more than matching Eric and for quite a few sections of the match I was picking up runs of 4 and 5 points at a time, but Eric would always eventually manage to bring the match back round to a rallying duel where he was picking up a greater percentage of the points. Bit of a shame I couldn't take the game point in the 9-10 second cos who knows what might've happened in a 5th game.

Andy Whitelaw at no 5 had a good controlled match against Hamish Williamson. He never really let Hamish get into the match to run out a 9-5, 9-0, 9-6 winner.
The reverse was true for Christy Looby at no 2 against the useful James Burnet. Christy competed well with plenty of hand outs to his credit and all three games pretty even in the early stages, but in every game James pulled away to beat Christy 4-9, 3-9, 5-9.

In the match of the night, Jonathan Frame took on John Hamilton at no 3. Some magnificent squash played by both guys throughout the match with some pretty amazing retrievals and it has to be said on occasions some truly comedy rallies (in it's good sense…ie "did you see that!" sort of stuff..). 9-4, 4-9, 5-9, 9-4 tells the see-saw story of the first four games, with the only real blot being Jonathan's bizarelly high number of high serves out (must've been about a dozen…). In a fantastic final game points and hand outs were traded till it was poised at 8-8 and the match (plust the 3 team match points) were in the balance. Five match points saved between the two players but eventually it was Jonathan who triumphed 10-9. Really good stuff.

Overall 15-12 to us.

Epilogue by Christy: Mention must go to Jonathan Frame as Man of the Match, to Hamish for triple servings of scrumptious chicken canneloni annd Norrie Murray for banter on Z-cars, the trip to Dunbar and how to deal with unsolicited phone calls (Ask them for 2 minutes of their time, first question, what role does Jesus play in your life )

1 Mark Dutton 0 1 27 Eric Donohoe 1 3 37
2 Christy Looby 0 0 12 James Burnet 1 3 27
3 Jonathan Frame 1 3 36 John Hamilton 0 2 36
4 Gavin Fulton 1 3 37 Norman Murray 0 2 38
5 Andrew Whitelaw 1 3 27 Hamish Williamson 0 0 11
Total 3 10 139 2 10 149
Competition Points 13 10

Friday, 14 January 2011

Double Header: Grange 3 v Hatton 4 Double, Tues 11th January 2011

Grange 3 are charged with confidence after last week's win, and this awesome result in the all important double header against Hatton.

Gavin Fulton had a tough opponent in Malcolm Mitchell whose business like style has been compared to banging in nails. 2 down and a big comeback won Gavin the 3rd. Another comeback mounted in the 4th, but Malcolm finished the job for Hatton 3-1.
Allan Wallace went to 5 and took it 9-7. Nail biting stuff.
Mark Dutton has greatly improved reach this week thanks to new diving pants taking him to 5, but closed out a convincing 9-2 against Alan Love.
Ali G and John Gordon's 'battle of the elastics' went to the slightly stretchier Grange man in 3.
Duncan Walker went 2 up, but was left wondering what on earth he had to do to win a third from Nick Tinning whose court position and anticipation were awesome and ability to tuck the ball away low was endless. Dogged determination was the answer, 9-6 to Duncan.

Overall 4-1 to Grange. Could easily have been 1-4 but for the tenacity of Dutton, Wallace and Walker in 5 setters.

36 points to 22 since it's a double header. A major boost up the table for Grange 3.

Home Team: Grange 3Away Team: Hatton
PosPlayerRubbersGamesPoints PlayerRubbersGamesPoints
1Duncan Walker1336Nick Tinning0237
2Alasdair Gordon1327John Gordon009
3Mark Dutton1336Alan Love0233
4Allan Wallace1333Danny Pollock0228
5Gavin Fulton0116Malcolm Mitchell1334

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Over-50's Cup result

Mike Gore became the second player to win the Grange Over 50's Squash
Tournament last night in a good quality match against Bill Marshall.
Whilst the score was 3-0 this does not do justice to the closely fought
contest. Despite giving away a 7 point handicap to Bill, Mike quickly
pulled ahead in the first set with steady and error free shot making.
He kept Bill on his toes and to his credit Bill kept in a good many
rallies with quality retrieving. Neither player wanted to give away
easy points in the American scoring format which kept the rallies at
times long and conservative.

Bill built up a formidable lead in set 2
but again Mike was able to keep the rallies long and ground Bill down
to bring the score to 14 all. He prevailed to take the set 17-14 and it
was the same story in set 3. Bill had chances but Mike's fitness and
quality shot making enabled him to take the third 17-14 to win the
match in 3.

Mike took the cup and a great Titan Squash bag as the winner with Bill
a bottle of wine as runner up. Congratulations to both players.

Grange 2 home v Deerpark (Wed, Jan 12, 2011)

The Squash Gods looked down favourably on Grange 2 last night when Deer Park rocked up without their 1, 2 or a number 5! Saying that, the team did the business and we have now leap-frogged Watsonians 2 in the division as a result of them playing HWU this week…

Teams:Deer Park vs Grange 2

1Milan Govan0230Patrick Langley1333
2Neil Moffat008Pete Cockburn1327
3John Miller0115Alan Stokes1334
4Andy Duff006Gordon Sloan1327
5no player000ForfeitSteve Eyles1327
Competition Points318

MOTM was Peter who beat a good player in Neil handily! If we string a few more good results together with a full team, we should be safe for a place in Div 2 next season. Franco's have put their prices up 10%. (Report: P Langley) (Ironic twist: MotM Cockburnator is dropped next week, as GRG2 has an embarassment of riches from here on)

Teams Ladder
Heriot Watt University 1 Comp Points1818181817161617181812186
Colinton Castle 2 Comp Points1061416181818181718153
Grange 1 Comp Points18141713161651141820152
David Lloyd Newhaven Comp Points915671861614171020138
Edinburgh Sports Club 3 Comp Points14160183141691418122
Grange 2 Comp Points961866105351818104
Watsonians 2 Comp Points218142135171531898
Deer Park Comp Points14961560531472
Watsonians 3 Comp Points28118713741869
Mamma's Pizzeria Comp Points134342125901668

Competition points system used: 1 points per game, 3 points for win

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Who Ate All the Pies? Grange 5 Barbarians v David Lloyd 2, Thursday 6th January

The Barbarians did !

This week saw a hastily arranged match between the Barbarians and David Lloyd 2 as we played our snowbound call-off from before Christmas. A suggestion to play at 48 hours notice saw a credible team of Colin Williamson, myself, Richard Nisbet, Pete Young and Brian Sloan take to court.

First up was Brian who was clearly too busy for pies this festive period (obviously got what HE wanted for Christmas). Brian took to court and was soon 7-0 down, but just like last year rallied to bring up 7-7 before (unlike last year) he closed the first out 9-7. The second followed a similar pattern as he went 6-1 down before taking that 9-6. His opponent had clearly had enough, and Brian closed out the match for a 3-0 win. Great start.

Meanwhile, on the other court, things were going well for Richard too. Up against Neal, a very competent opponent, Richard played superb squash to take the first two games. The third game was tighter but Richard was still managing to dominate and had match point at 8-6 which Neal saved well however Richard won back serve only for Neal to again save well. Third time lucky Richard won back serve and this time caught Neal at the back and only required a simple drop to take the glory. Unfortunately while Richard was working out his celebration dance he tinned the ball!! A miss on similar proportions to Chris Iwelumo’s miss for Scotland v’s Norway 2008!! This gave Neal the chink of light he needed and he took the game 10-8. Fitness was now a huge contributing factor and Richard’s Christmas pie eating took its toll and although hard fought he lost the final two games. Very hard on Richard who played some sublime squash and was so close to securing an excellent 3-0 victory against a strong opponent.

Peter Young was next on court against an opponent who clearly had eaten no pies at all. Pete dug deep with his controlled play and found himself 2-1 up in a tight match. But Christmas was by now taking its toll on the Barbarians, and Pete was slowly ground down by some amazing retrieving and lost 3-2.

So, having hoped to have been 3-0 up, I went onto court at 1-2. The best thing to say about my game is that we definitely know who had the most pies. The first was tentative, if poor quality, to 3-3 before it was lost in a blink 9-3. The second was equally bad as the pies seemed to affect my right arm and prevent me hitting anything past midcourt. At 8-4 down, a brief rally of concentration brought up 8-8 before two weak shots saw the game lost 10-8. The third was much the same, 8-4 down, rally to 8-8 then two shots in the tin for a 10-8 and 3-0 loss. The game was good news for Rab McGill though, as he’ll have to restring the two racquets that I broke on the night. Just about sums it up really.

Last up was Colin Williamson in his Barbarians debut. The first went to Colin as his mobility got the better of his opponent. But as the game moved into the second, his opponent’s drives deep into the backhand corner were causing Colin problems and he was unable to move him from the T; 1-1. In the third, Colin found a better length and took the game 9-5 to lead 2-1; our third 2-1 lead of the night. But again strong drives to the backhand saw Colin pinned to the back corners and despite some valiant retrieving the game was lost 3-2.

So, a 12-9 loss; 12-11 if we count our ref points. Not a bad score away to the team second in the division, but a bit disappointing given our start.

Barbarians team training this Sunday from 12 noon to 8pm.


Friday, 7 January 2011

First Half Round Up

At the end of the first half:

Grange 1 are looking good at 3rd in division 2.
Grange 2 are 7th. Next week's match against 8th place Deer Park is a big one.
Grange 3 are mid table.
Grange 4 are 8th / 9th, but the next few teams are not far ahead.
Grange 5 are in 4th place in division 5, but with a game in hand are effectively 3rd or 2nd, and there is little separating the top 4 teams. Impressive in their first year!

Division 2 Results
Select Division

Teams Ladder
TeamRound 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Bonus
Heriot Watt University 1 Comp Points181818181716161718 12168
Games151515151413131415 129
Colinton Castle 2 Comp Points10614161818181817 18153
Games10611131515151514 114
Grange 1 Comp Points1814171316165114 18132
Games1511141013135111 93
David Lloyd Newhaven Comp Points91567186161417 18126
Games91267156131114 93
Watsonians 2 Comp Points2181421351715 1895
Games2151121051712 65
Edinburgh Sports Club 3 Comp Points1416018314 9 1488
Games1113015311 9 62
Grange 2 Comp Points96186610535 1886
Games96156610535 65
Deer Park Comp Points14961560 5 1469
Games11961260 5 49
Watsonians 3 Comp Points281187 137 1663
Games281187 107 44
Mamma's Pizzeria Comp Points13434212 90 1461
Games1043429 90 41

Division 3 Results
Select Division

Teams Ladder
TeamRound 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Bonus
Waverley 2 Comp Points14171318141515518 10139
Games11141015111212515 105
Dean 1 Comp Points169981818 1215 16121
Games139981515 912 90
Abercorn 1 Comp Points159141514159 18 12121
Games129111211129 15 91
Dalgety Bay 3 Comp Points61516168416715 16119
Games61213138413712 88
Linlithgow 2 Comp Points17131315159 6 12100
Games14101012129 6 73
Grange 3 Comp Points 7104131517156 1299
Games 7104101214126 75
Tyne 1 Comp Points551518814 162 1497
Games551215811 132 71
David Lloyd 1 Comp Points71886615143 1684
Games71586615113 62
Hatton Comp Points 7631011 818 1477
Games 7631011 815 60
Edinburgh Sports Club 4 Comp Points9149324985 871
Games9119324985 60

Division 4 Results
Select Division

Teams Ladder
TeamRound 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Bonus
Bank of Scotland Comp Points71817121618 1712 16133
Games7151491315 149 96
Dunbar 1 Comp Points10141815181813 7 14127
Games10111512151510 7 95
Colinton Castle 4 Comp Points15131416169 18 14115
Games12101113139 15 83
Colinton Castle 3 Comp Points1316718717 17 14109
Games1013715714 14 80
Waverley 3 Comp Points1876161812675 12107
Games157613159675 83
Heriot Watt University 2 Comp Points188176105 138 16101
Games158146105 108 76
Dalgety Bay 4 Comp Points11160787 1513 1693
Games11130787 1210 68
Grange 4 Comp Points16614708 814 1689
Games13611708 811 64
Inveresk Comp Points1088111314 8 1486
Games1088111011 8 66
Waverley 4 Comp Points339240 51 1643
Games339240 51 27

Division 5 Results
Select Division

Teams Ladder
TeamRound 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Bonus
David Lloyd 2 Comp Points1318 101581818156 10131
Games1015 101281515126 103
Edinburgh Sports Club 5 Comp Points171511139 188 1615 0122
Games141211109 158 1312 104
Dean 2 Comp Points11 1488 162171515 12118
Games11 1188 132141212 91
Grange 5 Comp Points141013 137 179 16 7 10116
Games111010 107 149 13 7 91
Heriot Watt University 3 Comp Points106 7 181518 18 12 0104
Games106 7 151215 15 9 89
Colinton Castle 5 Comp Points13 151312128 89 14104
Games10 1210998 89 75
Colinton Castle 6 Comp Points 1789 13101 154 885
Games 1489 10101 124 68
Watsonians 4 Comp Points7710 1314 12693 081
Games7710 1011 9693 72
Dunbar 2 Comp Points 161815720 105 073
Games 131512720 105 64
Abercorn 2 Comp Points5141510879 13 072
Games5141210879 10 66