Saturday, 29 September 2012

Racketball club championships (Sat, Sep 22)

Group 1 CLABJFNLTotal
Christy Looby X 2 2 2 6
Andrew Beames 0 X 1 2 3
Jordan Fleming 1 2 X 2 5
Nick Lyth 1 0 0 X 1

Group 2MGDGMDGCTotal
Mike GoreX2125
David Grieve1X023
Mike Douglas22X26
Gordon Cowie000X0
All matches best of 3 PAR-11, blue ball.

Semis: Gorzer beat Christy 2-0
           Douglas bt Jordan 2-1

Final: to be played. Thanks to David Grieve for organising.
A few of us went across to San Marco afterwards for some pizza or tagliatelle and vino.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Georgie does The Grange proud

Congrats Georgina Jamieson of The Grange Squash, winning 3 of her 4 matches (all against men) in the B grade at Abercorn,
beaten only by eventual winner Artiz Azpetia, a two-fisted left-handed speedster (in case you thought Christy was the most unconventional opponent in the world).
    And that was after she played out a five-game mini-league on Sun morning against Gorzer, by way of warm-up.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Stags Sevens sink the good ship Lloyds: salvage required

Cruising through Edinburgh, the good ship Lloyds SRC was sunk early on by salvos from ex-Lloyds player Tom McEwan, Christy, Duncan Walker and Allan Wallace. Amid some marathon and very hotly-contested matches which all went the way of the hosts, Simon Engelen got swung his turrets and got a consolation score.

Bob asked me not to post the game scores so here they are:
7. Tom "Export" McEwan bt Gohir Rashid 9/2 9/4 8/9 9/7
6. Christy "Windmill" Looby bt James Owen 9/6 8/9 9/7 1/9 9/5
5. Allan "Braveheart" Wallace bt Bob Sherlock 9/5 9/2 9/7
4. Duncan "Terminator"  Walker bt Jehangir Kedan 9/4 9/2 9/3
3. Pete "Captain" Cockburn bt Matt "The Show" Cosby 0/9 5/9 9/2 9/4 9/7
2 Gordon "The Ranger" Sloan bt Darren "Phil" Vickery 0/9 9/6 3/9 9/3 9/3
1. Will "The Kurgan" Kerr lost Simon "Captain" Engelen 6/9 1/9 1/9

Kevin Moran, portrait of an artist as a young man...

His latest work of art, from a beach somewhere called Coffs in Australia...
Jump circuit has given him unfeasibly large thighs... Picasso used to draw his subjects in a similar style.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Racketball - The Saturday morning gang (Sat, Sep 1)

Bac: Ali Ross, David Grieve, Andrew Beames, Mike Wagner
Front: John Matthew, Christy Looby, Nick Lyth