Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Summer mini-leagues

The first summer league was very popular with an amazing 67 games played in 7 divisions among 40 players. We have an extra league for the next set through to Sunday 13th July. There are one or two new players, who will find the rules on the notice board.
Click here to join, include name, Email, phone numbers and playing standard

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Team players rogues gallery

One is the star of The Beechgrove Garden... and the other is Monty Don.

One is a star of The Ryder Cup...
...and the other is Seve B

One had an embarrassing moment with Cameron Diaz's Mary... and the other is Ben Stiller.

One is a playboy footballer... and the other is George Best

For those not familiar with the team players: CAST

Gerald Suggett (1st team) as Monty Don, Mike Perring (Club Champ) as George Best

Chris Mair (1st team) as Seve Ballesteros, Christy Looby (any team) as Ben Stiller