Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Highlights of 6th Minileague

This latest league saw a bit of a fall back in games played - down to 87 from 99. There were a few injuries this time - perhaps the cold winter months taking their toll. A few others didn't play their games with no explanation given - do please let me know what is happening, otherwise my policy is to drop non-players!

The results of the sixth league are here ..... Feb/Mar league

League 3 was very competitive this month with all games played and everyone winning at least one game. Mark Dutton won through unbeaten bouncing back up to league 2. League 7 also managed all games and the star there was Robin Pollok with 4 straight wins, proving his injury is well and truly behind him. Other players making decisve moves included Nick Ford (again), Brian Sloan, Mike Moyes, Mike Dougall and new member Darren Hall who dominated league 13.

Well done to 14 year old Tim Ferguson who joined the leagues for the first time and managed to play all his games, winning one and drawing one.

Looking at all the results so far, Allan Hamer is still in the lead with 150 points scored, Mike Moyes has overtaken Fiona McLaren to take second place on 142 points against Fiona's 131. Mike and Fiona also top the games played table with 25 and 23 respectively. We still have 49 players who have managed to play 75% or more of the possible games. Keep it up.

Here is the new league ..... Mar/Apr league

Just one new player this month - Sarah Marshall rejoining. There have been a few drop-outs, so down to 12 leagues this time. Please note that this is the last winter league and I'm asking for you to mark on the score sheets if you want to remain in the leagues over the summer months

Good luck and enjoy your games!

Dougie Brown

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Grange Seconds versus Tyne 2 5th March 2008

Grange Seconds versus Tyne 2 5th March 2008.

Why change the habits of a season right at the last match. With that sentiment in mind we managed to lose 18-4 against the team coming second last and thus really and truly ensured that the wooden spoon would have pride of place in Grange's trophy cabinet.

The success story of the night was Stuart Robertson called up at short notice to give Ron Pearman a convincing sorting out 3-1 at No 5. Stuart is now officially the Grange 2 season best performer with a 100% one out of one winning record.

Ian Sinclair was looking very comfortable against Donald Smith at No 3 taking the first game with little bother. A sudden change was apparent part way through the second with Ian's strategy being to stand on the service receiving box and attempt to win every point without having to move. T'was clear that he'd re-damaged to leg first damaged last week and a 1-3 loss was never in doubt after that.

Pete Tweedie at No 4 was never really in the race against R Jeffries and a 0-3 result was the inevitable result to end a pretty poor season for him (along with the rest of us..).

Likewise, at No 2 Mark Dutton found life just too difficult against the very capable John Booth. Simply couldn't get the ball past him and despite a good start to the third game yet another 0-3 result was added to the impressive list of them that Mark strung together this season.

Pete Cockburn was once again given the task of being our headliner at No 1 and once again very much regretted having the honour. He played a very young D McEwan who was clearly a chap destined to be a very very good squash player (already being a very good one now). Pete played well, as he has done all season, but the young lad simply had too much talent and another 0-3 was added to Pete's season record.

Thank goodness that's all over....

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Firsts away v Heriot Watt 2 (Wed 05.03.08)

It was all a bit of a blur - Dougie and Allan H won, Christy and Suggers lost, and Al clinched it.

Overall 3-2, 15-6 on points.

What a season - a great effort by all who played: Alan S, Allan H, Al, Chris, Christy, Dougie, Gerald, Kevin, Mark, Mike and Pete.

That's promotion for the 2nd year running, lets see if we can do it again in 2008/9...

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Firsts away v Edinburgh Sports Club 4 (Fri 29.02.08)

Away to the Sports Club - with Perring and Mair missing, the team did well.

Pete Cockburn was neck and neck with Paul Atkinson, but nudged ahead each time, 3-0.
Dougie lost out 8-10 in the fifth against Bruce Johnstone.
Christy lost beat Chris Milne 3-0.
Al beat Rodd Binns in 5 - a long close match.
But battle of the night was Chris Mair v JJ Tait. JJ displayed Sinclair ability to last out - from appearing dead on his feet in the 2nd he went late into the night and stole it in the 5th.

Overall 3-2, 18-10 on points.

Man of the match: Pete Cockburn. Neck and neck, rally after rally, but pulled ahead each time. Consistent stuff.

And for those still standing, chicken curry for tea.