Thursday, 31 May 2012

British Open on $ky Sports

Title Date Start Duration Channel
British Open  #5 06/06/2012 18:30:00 01:30:00 Sky Sports 3 Digital
British Open  #5 06/06/2012 25:00:00 01:30:00 Sky Sports 2 Digital
British Open  #5 07/06/2012 08:30:00 01:30:00 Sky Sports 4 Digital

Racketballers @ The Dean Club 30/5/2012

Unfortunately due to the layout at the Dean I was not able to see 3 of tonight's matches however Mike Wagner lost 0-3 in a match which I am told had a couple of fairly close games whilst Harvey (the phone thief) Frew was making his debut and also went down 0-3. Andrew Beames fought out a close game at number 3 going down 1-3.
On court 1, Derek Addison was also making his debut. Despite trying to frighten his opponent with his new tattoo's, only lack of experience defeated Derek as he, like many of us, was still trying to play squash at crucial times in the match and was unfortunate not to have won a couple of games as he snatched defeat from the jaws of victory for another 0-3 loss.
I was next up at number 2 and inexplicably began to play homage to the absent Christy by taking over his mantle of hitting the tin and gifting far too many points to my opponent. Struggling to get to grips with the extremely bouncy ball I proceeded to give my worst performance of the season going down 0-3. Fortunately I now head off to an Italian training camp for a week where I will try to boost my iron (red wine) and carbohydrate (pasta) levels.
Mike Gore was last on at 1 and saved a bit of dignity for the Grange with a fine 3-0 victory. It was probably the best performance of the season from Mike who found good length and tight boasts all night long.
Retiring to the bar discussion centred round how to return the lost phone to a stranger when you couldn't call him and that Mike Gore is probably the only man in Scotland who cares about the Queen's Jubilee. Thanks again to our local rivals for the hospitality which we look forward to returning in August.
 (Report: David Grieve    Milan bound Captain.)

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Anyone want to become a coach?

The programme of Squash Coaching Courses - United Kingdom Coaching Certificate (UKCC) - for the 2012/13 season has been announced. Full details are available on the Scottish Squash Coaching Page

Courses are aimed at anyone over the age of 16 (for Level 1) and 17 (for Level 2) who would be interested in helping to coach the players of today, tomorrow and the future. With a 50% scholarship refund available for members of Scottish Squash and Racketball Ltd now is the time to help your local club!

Apologies if this information is not relevant to you, please feel free to pass it on. And thank you if you are already a qualified coach who is involved in coaching players.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Grange home v Waverley (15 May 2012-05-16)

First up tonight were Paul Dale taking on James Kelly and Nick Lyth taking on Mike Gibson. It's not often these days that Paul takes a 20 years advantage into games but showing his opponent no mercy Paul took the match 3-0 for his debut victory. Nick "would you like a let" Lyth looked commanding in his first game against Mike however politeness took hold in the second and this was courteously given to his opponent before he remembered that this was a team game, albeit not too serious, and stepped up a gear to take the match 3-1.
The next pairings were Jordan Fleming and Brian Scott and Andrew Beames and John Allan. Jordan started the night complaining of not feeling well however we were unsure if this was due to illness or the sight of Christy in the kitchen. Putting his nausea aside, Jordan raced into a 1-0 lead before an unusual pirouette movement led to a twisted ankle and the loss of the second. Composure returned however and to give the Grange another 3-1 win. Andrew was another making his full debut tonight and promptly despatched John 3-0. Unfortunately I didn't see much of this match however having played John myself earlier this year, an impressive victory for Andrew in his first game.
I was up next against Bruce Ferguson. With Bruce having arrived late due to work commitments I was able to press home an early advantage and take the first two games. Bruce rallied in the third and with my knees aching I was fortunate to squeeze out the 4th before my legs gave up chasing the bouncy blue ball round the court.
Mike Gore and Mike Read finished the night with a fantastic game to watch between two evenly matched players who fought out countless gruelling rallies. In a game which had everything, drives, boasts, drops, toys, prams, handbags, Mike Gore edged out the 5th for a 3-2 Grange win.
Christy managed to find the cooker tonight so Chilli, drinks and chat as normal in the bar afterwards. The only note of concern this evening surrounded club treasurer Nick's dexterity with numbers however I remain convinced his balance sheet will read more easily than his refereeing sheet.
Report:      David Grieve (Unusually victorious Captain.)

Monday, 7 May 2012

Grange Vs Bologna (28 April 2012)

On the 28th of April Grange were visited by a touring side from Bologna.  Nine squash fanatics made the journey to face ourselves, Sports Club, Waverly and Watsons over the course of one weekend!  Led by Yorkshire/Italian Tim Simpson the visitors ranged from freelance pro (Tim) to a couple of new comers who thought nothing of taking their skills on the road.

Grange managed to field a fairly strong team on the day and got wins across the board with most games going to 5, even if we got to 3 first!  Good banter on court and after up at the bar.

The Grange shop took a hammering as the Italians bought up every Grange emblazoned memento they could get their hands on!  Next time you are in Bologna look out!

As the night went on our guests retired back to their hotel to prepare for dinner and then a ghost tour!  All but Tim and Julio who felt they needed some professional assistance to keep limber for the rest of the tour!

The Grange boys (Pete, Rich, Will, Gordy, Gary and Allan) took to the town to toast Rich and Allan’s final games in Grange colours.  Good night out ending in shady drinking games.  Definitely rigged against the captain!


Allan Hamer
Tim Simpson 
Will Kerr
Pier Maria Spettoli 
Gianluca Musiani 
Mike Hall
Davide Calzolare
Nick Wood
Davide Righi 
Gordon Sloan
Julio Lucchini 
Alan Stokes
Loris Degli Esposti 
Ian Green
Marianna Mattei 
Gavin Fulton
Monia Di Marco

Bit of Ian Green doubles action!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Grange home v Colinton Castle (Tue, May 2)

  Tonight was the first home game for Grange against a strong Colinton Castle outfit.
Nick "would you like a let" Lyth started at 6 and went down 0-3 albeit in a close match with John Barrett.
John Matthew went on at 5 against Sandy Williamson and whilst I didn't see much of this match did well to pick up a game before going down 1-3.
Ali Ross took the number 4 position against John number 2 but despite playing well, another 0-3 loss.
Mike Gore was number 3 tonight and made things difficult for himself against John number 3 (Stohlner) before finally remembering he wasn't playing squash and pulling out a 3-0 win.
My match was against George Purves at 2 and it was advantage Grange due to heavy balls disrupting George's rhythm. A 3-1 win. (Apologies also due to Sandy and George for moaning about the strokes in game 3).
Christy again went in at 1 against Richard McBride and covered every board on the court against the man in a corset but was well beaten despite his efforts. I am not sure whether Richard needed to have a shower after the game but Christy certainly did.
Onward to the bar where Christy wimped out of the catering challenge and sent out for baked potatoes. I am not sure the Racketball budget can take this extravagant expense every week so I am expecting a better effort in the kitchen at the next home game. (Report David Grieve) Man of the Match: Grieve/Gore for getting us a brace of wins.