Thursday, 8 May 2014

The BMI Cup – 24th May 2014; Weigh-In 2.30pm

Just as you thought the season was over, along comes the unofficial Grange Squash season-closing tournament – the BMI Cup.
Fed up losing to fit and trim youngsters?
Sure you’d win if it was an even playing field?
Or are you the best pound for pound squash player at the club?
Devised in a spark of genius (at the club bar) in 2011, the BMI Cup now enters its fourth year.
Played in one afternoon on the Saturday 24th May from 2.30pm, this tournament is followed by dinner and drinks in the Longroom from 7:30pm till late.
So how does it work?
Players are handicapped according to their age and Body-Mass Index (yes, that’s why it’s the BMI Cup!) with suitable penalties for those from higher teams. Players are placed in pools and play each other player in the pool. Winners of the pools will play for the trophy and top sartorial prize.
Past winners include Pete Young and Colin Williamson.
Dinner afterwards will be in the Longroom where you are welcome to eat and drink to put back on the pounds you lost on the court. The cost of the day is just £5, thanks to our sponsors Avista (also known as Neil Love), and we’d ask you to arrange your own drinks. This year, all entrance money will be donated to the squash club funds looking to buy warm up bikes for beside the new courts.
What better way to end the season?
To enter, please drop an email to Mike at
See you at 2.30pm on Saturday 24th May.

Please note that Grange Time does not apply and all late players will benefit from a further point deducted from their handicap !