Monday, 24 December 2007

Seconds Home vs Tyne 14th Dec

Third time I've tried to add this blog....apologies if anybody was keenly awaiting...will check this time to see if it actually "sticks"...

A better result for the seconds this time after a long string of heavy defeats...better but still no coconut.

A brilliant start for us with a 3-0 win at #5 for super-sub Tim Hinnay. was against an opponent called Walk Over ....but a rare and valuable win nonetheless.

Things continued in that vein with Doug Browne recording a very comfortable 3-0 victory against Jerry Ireson at #4. Not a lot of sweat broken for Dougie who never really had to get out of second gear.

Pete Cockburn at #3 started out 0-7 down quick-smart against Stuart Faulkner in the first game and it was looking like a damn good thrashing was impending, but then normality returned and a tight struggle ensued with Pete just being edged out 2-3 in the end.

Alan Stokes at #2 played a good controlled game against Jon Booth but John had a bit too much in the end to leave Alan down at 1-3.

It was left up to Mark Dutton at #1 to play the big captain's innings and give the team their first win in many weeks. Errr..yeah....ok. Donald Smith was way to quick and agile all round and despite some resistance in the second game there was never much doubt as to the outcome. 0-3 (again...)

Final result...Tyne 2 beat Grange 2 by 12 pts to 9.

Monday, 17 December 2007

Where do you rank in the club?

To see if you are in the top-30 in the club rankings, click this Link.

This ladder is updated from mini-league head-to-head results every month to aid team-selection, seeding and handicapping. So if you made the list, you are in a good position to take on the team players or get on a team.

If not, get some more wins and march up the mini-league table. If nothing else, it's a great line to impress someone, "I'm number five at my squash club" ;-).

Friday, 14 December 2007

Third Mini League Highlights

Well done everyone for responding to my challenge to set a new record for games played - 88 games actually played, beating 77 in each of the first two leagues. We still have 16 players with a 100% record for games played and 39 who have played 75% or more of the possible games!

The results of the third league are here ..... Nov/Dec league

League 7 were the stars this month, playing all their games. Well done to Alastair Mackie, Fiona McLaren, Andrew Strickland, Struan Fairbairn and Sheila Rennie, with Fiona winning "Minileaguer of the month" for her maximum points. The other players to win all their games were Peter Menzies, Chris Murphy and yours truly! Leagues 2 and 3 were also very active, playing all but one of their games. Most leagues had a clear winner this month, but I have a feeling the next league is going to be very competitive!

Here it is ..... Dec/Jan league

Looking at all the results so far, Mike Moyes is in the lead in terms of total points scored, with 84, with Peter Menzies and Fiona McLaren joint second on 79. Peter Roberts is a close third on 77. Lets see who is best at handling the Christmas pudding!

Enjoy your games!

Dougie Brown

Monday, 10 December 2007

Seconds away v Accies2 (Thursday, Dec 6, 07)

Thanks to Christie for posting my very rushed summary of last week's second team match.
Here follows a more coherent version for posterity.

#5- Pete Tweedie vs Dave McCall (0-3). The same story as the few previous weeks. A bad start. followed by a recovery that clearly showed he could have won the match but just too late to re-float the ship. A pulled leg muscle wasn't helping his cause either.
#4- Steve Davey vs Matt Ross (2-3). The super-sub very nearly did it for us (again). In the best match of the night he shared the honours at 2 games each and it was looking like the 5th would go his way when he was 2-0 up. However a brief purple patch from his opponent suddenly saw Steve at 2-8 down and despite halting the slide with a number of handouts the damage had already been done.
#3- Pete Cockburn vs Taryne Lowe (0-3). Pete once again played well but once again was up against a very good player (again) The 0-3 result was never really in doubt.
#2-Alan Stokes vs Ali Fleming (1-3) A very good match with honours even after the first two games and it could have gone either way. Ali picked up the pace in the third and fourth and edged away. It would have to be noted that the referee had a very strict (although at least consistent) interpretation of what constituted a let or stroke and Alan was several times on the end of calls that all folk on the balcony would have given the other way. Credit due to Alan for the restrained manner of his appeals and ultimate acceptance of the calls.
#1- Mark Dutton vs David Shaw (0-3). The repeated execution by David of overhead slams into the nick in the warmup should have been a warning....and it wuz. The 0-3 result was never really in doubt. Some decent play but up against a player of a better standard.

Overall...just 3 points to our name and deeper into oblivion we go.....

Next week is our big chance against Tyne. Gotta win that one...

Mark Dutton

Friday, 7 December 2007

Seconds @ Accies2 (Thurs, Dec 6, 07)

#1- MD vs David Shaw (0-3) chance, played quite well but just too good.
#2-AS vs Ali Fleming (1-3) ....very good match ...dodgy refereeing (no question) but AS kept cool very well.....a good test...
#3- PC vs Taryne Lowe (0-3) ...tried hard but too much class altogether.
#4- SD vs Matt Ross (2-3) .... played very well and should have had it. A fairly undeserved run of 8 points lost in a row (from 0-2) in the 5th saw it end.
#5- PT vs Dave McCall (0-3)....same story as previous weeks....bad start...but recovery too late to re-float the ship.

Some messing about by both sides meant a late-ish start and SD had to be away for half an hour at 7:30.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Firsts home v Edinburgh Sports Club 4 (Tues 04.12.07)

A great result against the Sports Club that will put us in 2nd place at the end of the first half.

Gerald was lean, honed and hungry, and took Bruce Johnstone 3-0.
Christy won a clean 3-0 against Chris Milne.
Al slogged it out against the manic Shane Presley, 3-1.
Chris took a pummelling off Rod Binns early on, but dug in for 3-1.
Mike out-psyched Ricky Pratt with new headgear, 3-1.

Overall 5-0, 20-6 on points.

Franco took care of the food.

Man of the match: It's the eye of the tiger, it's the cream of the fight. Risin' up to the challenge of our rival. Chris Mair.