Tuesday, 7 November 2017




Dear All,

The 2017 Grange Open is scheduled to take place at the beginning of December. We are very pleased to announce that we have again received generous sponsorship from Commercial Water Solutions. There will be cash and equipment prizes for all grades. There will be a free draw for those who enter and there will be the obligatory T-shirt, all for your entry fee.

We are particularly looking for as many Grange members to join us in this event and as a further inducement Grange members will have the benefit of a reduced entry fee [£15 rather than £20]. There will be entry forms provided with this notice but go on to the club, East of Scotland Squash Association or Scottish Squash websites to get your entry form. If you have any problems email me, John Bain. (johnrbain_42@hotmail.com)

We are trying to attract a large entry to provide as many games to all levels of players from first team to lower mini league players – and possibly people who have not even played at that level.

The format will be Monrad which means you will get at least three games although, depending on numbers and standards, we may have sections of 16 which means that everyone will play two games on Saturday and two on Sunday. It does not matter if you lose your first, second or third game, you will get another one. (Last year, in view of numbers and abilitity levels, it suited better to have groups of 8 meaning everyone played three games and we played all of the games on the Saturday. This worked very well, everyone was tired but the event was done and dusted in one day.) We may repeat this format this year.

Please sign up as soon as possible and get your friends to do likewise.

Thank you.

John Bain.