Thursday, 30 October 2008

Seconds @ Heriot Watt 2 (Wed, Oct 29, 08)

Christy at #5 huffed and puffed against Russell to get it to 2-2 and then established control to take the fifth. Dougie Brown at #4 was too strong for Bruce Davies 3-0. Alan Stokes took on one-time Grange club champion Christine Graham and in the traditional Stokes warm-up (aka the first game), almost got caught cold 9/7. Alan comfortably closed out the next 2. At #1, Robert Pfab was too strong for Richard Gordon to win his first team match (of hopefully many to come) 3-0.
Match of the night was Tony Gribben against the HWU #2, Julian Fennema. Tony looked in control as he took the first two, the third was tight and Tony got to match ball first. From here, it was hard to anticipate what was to follow as Julian snuck that one, controlled the next two and in the end the fifth.

Overall 4-1, 19-7, we are on a roll here.
Off we went in the frost for Shepherd's pie and chips in the students uni. John Graham, ex-Grange captain, was there after playing for HWU3 and in good form having beaten Neil Thompson. He passed on congratulations to Ali G for now being custodian of the grey book "This is your team" containing all known results back into the mists of time.

Thirds @ Tyne 2 (Wed, Oct 29, 08)

With-out the leadership of Captain Dutton who is on walkabout, the Third team headed in to the depths of East Lothian for an encounter with Tyne 2 in Haddington

With total disregard to the established custom of team order, Peter Cockburn went on at No 1 for the opener and proceeded to dominate a fast paced game which suited Pete better than his opponent Donald and Pete triumphed in 3 straight sets (9-4, 9-7 9-1) (3-0)

Over on the other court, Ron Pearman faced up to our No 3 Jonathan Frame and Jonathan took the first 9-4 but was 0-2 down in the second when Ron overstretched and pulled his hamstring and had to retire (3-0)

Neil Love at No 5 faced Richard who was debuting in team squash and struggled to come to terms with the number and quality of Neil’s boasts (9-3, 9-3, 9-2) (3-0)

Peter Tweedie faced Glen Millar at 4 and Pete didn’t want to face the music, (Big band or otherwise from one so-named)and after an easy first game, some coaching from Mrs Pearman saw Glen rally in games 2 and 3 but the Tweedster had just enough in reserve to close it out in three (9-1, 9-5, 10-8) (3-0)

Last on, Russell Langley faced Raymond Jeffries at No 2 and Russell played some sublime lengths to race in to a 2-0 lead (9-6, 10-8) and was cruising 8-3 in the 3rd and the white-wash was in the bag – Oh no! Russell allows Raymond back to 8-8 and calls set 1. He wins the hand and looks as if he is going to close it out and spare his blushes but then loses the game (8-9) and never recovered from the shock to then lose the plot and the next 2 games in quick succession (1-9, 0-9) (2-3) – The jug is on you Russell! (I suspect we may all be there at some stage this season!)

Over-all a 17 – 3 win and valuable points in the bag. (PDT)

Friday, 24 October 2008

Ladder order after Sept min-leagues

Here is the team order at the completion of the September min-leagues. Get yourself promoted to min-league #5 and register your interest in playing for the teams with the club captain, Ali Gordon (see noticeboard for contact details).
1 Ian Green ......................... 15 Dougie Brown ................... 29 Will Henderson
2 Allan Hamer ....................... 16 Patrick Langley ................ 30 Robin Pollock
3 Chris Mair .......................... 17 Russell Langley ................ 31 Tim Hannay
4 Brian Buchanan .................. 18 Mark Dutton
5 Mike Perring ...................... 19 Jonathan Frame
6 Robert Pfab ........................ 20 Peter Tweedie
7 Alasdair Gordon ................. 21 Peter Young
8 Will Kerr .............................. 22 David Thomas
9 Tony Gribben .................... 23 Stewart Robertson
10 Alan Stokes ...................... 24 David Grieve
11 Christy Looby .................. 25 Rupert Brown
12 Andy Whitelaw ................ 26 Colin Williamson
13 Michael Scott ................... 27 Rocco Pannozzo
14 Peter Cockburn ............... 28 Neil Love
--------------------------------------------------------- C Looby (out of the top 10 and sinking fast )

Mini-League #1 (Sept 08)

The first league of the winter season was a great success, with 135 games played - a new record by miles - despite a number of early season injuries.

I've now issued the new Oct league, lets hope we can keep up the momentum. We have 10 completely new players this time, plus a number of returnees, so we are able to run 15 leagues this month. The demand for courts will be high, so its a good idea to get organised early. For new members, you can arrange your (best of 5) games by phone or email and book online. The rules and points scoring are posted beside the scoresheets on the noticeboard. (Dougie Brown)
To give an idea of the breadth of squash being played at the club now, here is the top and the bottom of the mini-leagues..
League top ............... League bottom
1 Ian Green............ Neil Christisan
2 Allan Hamer........ Przemyslaw Walerowski
3 Chris Mair............ Michal Gorczewski
4 Mike Perring........ Frances Reid Rowland
5Alan Stokes
6Will Kerr

and here is an idea of the 100% usage of peak time court slots
Mon Court 1 ......................Court 2........................... Court 3
5:30 Tweedie/Ford X
6:15 Gray/Lyth X ............Sterthaus/Nie X ...........Thomas/Young X
7:00 Fry/Lutte X .............B.Marshall/I.Muir X ...Frame/ Pfab X
7:45 Addison X ............... Love/Pollock X ............ Buchanan/Guest X
8:30 Brown X................... Kennedy / Cowie X .....Burns / Maclaren X
(C Looby)

Monday, 20 October 2008

Grange 3 vs C-Rooks 2 16/10/2008

The night began in the now-traditional confusion with some of the opposition turning up at the Grange instead of St Georges (this despite the C-Rooks captain having emailed a confirmation the day before that he knew the venue...) but eventually the match got under way.

Doug Brown opened proceedings at No 2 against the young bandana-wearing Sean Robinson. The contrast of (a) court attire (b) headgear and (c) age couldn't have been marked, but then again neither could (d) the final score. Wily Old Fox 3 vs Young Pup 0.

Mark Dutton then took on Gordon Robertson at No 4 and just like last week, played exactly into his opponents hands by letting him unleash his one killer shot (hard, low drive from the T) over and over for a 2-9 first game loss. Spotting the blindingly obvious tactical blunder the ball was then placed to the back of the court for the next three games which generated endless opportunities for simple point-winning drops and boasts (simple game, squash..) and a regulation 3-1 win ensued.

Pete Cockburn took the court at No 1 against the speedy and hard-hitting young jack-in-a-box Euan Robinson and judging by the warm up he was going to be in some difficulty. Unfortunately for Euan it takes a bit more than speed and jack-in-box-ness to beat a wily old fox like Pete Cockburn (hang on....isn't he our youth policy?) who just pushed him all round the court with some solid tactical shot placement which very often drew the error out of his opponent. Pete took the first two game very comfortably (the second with only a single hand-out) but Euan showed what he'll do when somebody takes him aside and teaches him a little slow squash and beat Pete in the next. The fourth game was tightly contested but Pete once again used his greater experience to dominate and took the match 3-1.

In the best match of the night Russell Langley took on the tricky Mike Halpin at No 3. It looked very much like it was going to be a very short match indeed with Russell playing (by his own assessment after the match) a shocker in the first game. The real Russell then turned up and in three more very hard fought games levelled proceedings at 2-2. The final game was a very good spectacle with chances both ways and Mike looked like he was going to take it but for some scurrying saves by Russell. Mike missed an easy drop to give Russell the serve back at 7-7 and allowed him to close out the match 9-7, ending with a particularly audacious nick. 3-2 to Russell.

Robin Pollock at No 5 put in a completely flawless performance in his 27-0 walkover. Nuff said.

Grange 3 beat C-Rooks 2 by 18 points to 4

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Firsts away v Dunbar 1 (Wed 16.10.08)

The first match for Grange in division 2 for 12 years!! Three new players for Grange - all did well!

Will beat Willie Paul 3-0.
Al beat James Cunningham 3-2.
Mike beat Evan Green 3-1.
Brian made swift work of Alistair Nichol 3-9 1-9 0-9.
Ian beat David Legge in one of the longest 3-0 matches we have seen!

Good games and a very friendly bunch. Well worth the long drive!

Overall 5-0, 20-5 on points.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Grange II home v Dalgety Bay II (Tue, Oct 14, 08)

Our opponents kindly let us know there would only be 4 of them coming across the bridge so Michael Scott stepped up to his new ladder position at #4 against Dave. His speed and touch saw him dominate the first game but Dave soon showed he was no slouch to take the second. Michael took the third but was rushing his shots, losing the fourth in a jiffy. Michael got a good start in the fifth to close it out 3-2.
Tony Gribben at #2 cruised through taking the first 2 games off Gerry Gemmell, fortunes then swung the other way to make it 2-2 before Tony rasserted himself in the fifth: 3-2. Alan Stokes faced his usual Dalgety opponent in Colin Boswell, used the first to warm up as usual before asserting himself in the second, a battle ensued with Boswell chasing down Stokesy's best shots, Alan just held on to shade the next 2: 3-1. Quote of the night from Colin: "There was too much squash in that match for me".
Robert Pfab debuted against Gerry Burton at #1. When Gerry cross-courted, Robert won. When Robert traded shots, Gerry won. 2-2, Gerry pulled out a few magic kills and took it: 2-3.

Overall 4-1, 19-10 on points to make up for last week's poor points.

Friday, 10 October 2008

Grange 2 @ David LLoyd Leith (Wed, Oct 8, 08)

Three players making their debut for Grange against the team formerly known as Edinburgh Accies 2, now playing as David Lloyd Leith, (formerly known as Next Generation) but the catering to take place at Edinburgh Sports Club!

Michael Scott from Orkney played at #5 for us against Dave McCall, this was a ding-dong tussle and they shared the first two games. From then on, Michael had too much fitness and movement for his man, a winning debut 3-1. Christy Looby played Matthew Ross at #4, could do no wrong to go 9/2, 8/2 until Matthew lowered the errors to win the second and rattle off 2 more games as Christy ran out of ideas, shots and, er, running. 1-3.

Tony Gribben made his debut at #3 and went point-for-point against Taren in the first game but Tony had to work hard while Taren seemed to be relaxed and balanced for every shot, Taren shaded the first and dominated the next 2. 0-3. Will Kerr also debuted for us against #2 Ali Fleming. Only saw the scoresheet, Will seemed to get to half-way in each game on level terms with his opponent and then Ali would stretch his lead. 0-3.

Ali G made a short notice appearance at #1 against Ken Maxwell. Lost the first game 3-9, it looked like it would be an early night. 40 minutes late, Ken was lucky to escape with two 10-8's as Ali seemed to be inspired by the weight of being captain to try and salvage whatever he could against a class act. 0-3.

Overall we lost 1-4, 6-20 including bonus points.

Back to ESC for food and chat, the Lasagne was superb, the former Accies 1 team now known as ESC2 was also there. Much amusement at Ken's corkscrew showboating shot resulting in a stroke.

Grange 3 vs ESC5 09/10/2008

The season opener at our new St Georges school venue began in a little confusion when the captain realised that there were no balls, scoresheets or scorecards available as there would be at the Grange and a little more forward planning will be required each week. Thanks to Pete Young for nipping down to the Grange for the necessaries.

The night started with Neil Love up against Graeme Parry at No5. Neil didn't really get into the match in the first two 1-9, 1-9 games but began playing good squash in the third that showed what could have been but a 6-9 loss in that game saw him quite disappointed to lose 0-3 to a player he felt he could have beaten.

Captain Mark Dutton was up next at No 2 against the very hard hitting Graeme Hunter. He didn't get to grips with Graeme's pace and extraordinarily good boasting in the first game to lose it 3-9. After that though, it was a different story with an endless sequence of uncharacteristically excellent (for him) forehand and backhand dropshots from everywhere in the court eventually sapping Graeme's will to live (shame to have used up a whole season's worth in one match). Throw in a number of very characteristic full length dive-drops and a corkscrew serve that actually worked (for once) and it was enough to run out the rest of the games 9-1, 9-3, 9-7 for a 3-1 win.

Pete Tweedie began very well at No3 against Richard Kent with a display of well-controlled pace and accurate lobbing to win 9-3. A close fought second game saw Richard back in it with a 6-9 but Pete then re-asserted dominance and continued with the controlled and accurate play and took the next two 9-7, 9-7 despite Richard's stubborn resistance to take the match 3-1. Pete's speed around the court was worthy of note, particularly one chased-down drive that had the gallery in some disbelief at Pete's ability to move that fast for anything other than last orders at the bar.

Pete Young took on Callum McKenzie at No4 and just failed to grab the first game, going down 7-9. A total domination of the second game followed with a 9-1 win leading the casual observer to believe that the rest would be a formaility. T'wasn't to be though with a 1-9 reverse demolition being dished out by Callum in the third. The fourth game could have gone either way but Pete was never quite on top and the 6-9 loss put the matter to an and for a 1-3 match loss.

Pete Cockburn had been playing well at the Grange lately (well..he beat me, anyway) but that form didn't transalte to his No 1 match with Chris Milne. He was very out of sorts for the first two games with a high proportion of mis-queued drops and failures to put away easy shots. Occasional glimpses of the real Pete came through and wwhen things were going well he dominated rallies completely, but seemingly inevitably it would unravel again. 1-9, 2-9 was the result of all that. A new Pete came out in the third game and a close tussle ensued with some good fast squash played on both sides. Unfortunately, the odd mistake would still crop up and Chris also chose that game to pull out some very tight dropping and boasting and the 5-9 loss left Pete with a 0-3 match to start the season.

Result: ESC5 beat GRG3 by 14 points to 7