Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Ladies finish season on a high

Our top ladies stepped up another gear this league, cantering away from Watsonians by a margin of 25 points.
At the bottom of Div 1, it looks like history has repeated itself - CLASS topped the Xmas table and are getting relegated 3 months later. ESC topped the table last season and 3 months later were relegated. Grange need to be wary of getting relegated next season, if this pattern were to repeat a third time.
ESC will be coming straight back up in Oct, as I suspect will CLASS come December.

Grange 1

Watsonians 1

Waverley 1

Dalgety Bay

C.L.A.S.S. 88

This now creates the weird situation that CLASS (as winners of the first half) play-off against Grange for the East title and still get relegated. Seismic shifts in the balance of power of ladies squash in East.

Meanwhile Ladies 2 went out on a win, beating Abercorn 4-1 for their fourth win of this league.



1Karen Kennedy1333

Joyce Bisset0121

2Jo Petty0117

Christine Walker1330

3Dawn MacBrayne1327

Mary McColl005

4Alex Stewart1340

Meryl Cooper0237

5Caroline Burns1327

Lindsay Edghill002



Competition Points16


Monday, 26 March 2012

Thirds home v Dean (Thurs Mar 22)

This was a relegation battle with Grange already going down but Dean needing a few points to fend off Watsonians.
Man of the Match was Gavin who looked dead-and-buried in the fifth, only to rise lazarus-like and get the win. Gorzer and Dave Thompson had a competitive five-gamer, Dave staying in command in the fifth.
Mark had a good run against James Birkhead. One moment of comedy gold was what James did to a Dutton corkscrew, which was to smash it into the nick in the service box, it rolled out at Mark's feet. Dougie was unlucky to lose out to Matthew Hunter in the fifth. Christy hates playing left-handers called Drew.
Back at the pavilion, 7 of us devoured 5 pizzas and talk turned to various incidents of misbehaviour on court and whether there would be further sanction next year.

Teams:Grange 3 vs Dean 1


1Christy Looby007

Drew McKenzie1327
2Dougie Brown0224

Matthew Hunter1330
3Mark Dutton0120

James Birkhead1333
4Mike Gore0237

David Thompson1342
5Gavin Fulton1338

Ross Anderson0236

Competition Points8


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

GRG2 V David Lloyd Newhaven 1 (21 March 2011)

Four brave souls sailed up to Newhaven for the last game of the season. We were a man down which only made us feel stronger - like a wolfpack!!

On first was Stokes Vs Jubb and Wallace Vs Lowe. Alan and Dave Jubb were having a good ding dong to start although it became apparent that Dave was crocked. At 1-1 Alan seemed to think it was not to right to push his injured opponent too hard and rallied well but with little conviction. 3-1 to DLN. Wallace was up for the running as is usual however his game was very in and out. Taryne played some very good length and good angles which Allan struggled with however the fight is always in him making 2 out of the three very close. Taryne, playing his last game for DLN was too good and steady and took a 3-0 win.

Next up Sloan Vs Maxwell and Myself Vs Ali Flemming. Didn't see the Ranger. He battled well but was never really in it Vs big Ken who was in fine silky form!

My game was awright. Lost as per but gave decent account vs Ali. In the first I seemed to be quite comfortable in the long rallies but could get little reward. I was 2-0 done after about 20 min but started to play my way in and get a bit more comfortable on the courts. Risked a few drops and managed to set up a few scoring opportunities. I took the 3rd and felt I could maybe go a bit more!!?? We rallied for god knows how long and kept neck and neck. By this time though I was pretty knacked and Ali pulled away to take it 3-1. 5-0 loss but no great shakes. Back to the bar for maseeeeve helpings of baked tatties and fillings galore. Beers, football and banter after meant it was good night. Happy on one hand the season is over but on the other will be looking forward to mixing it up again in october! 2s demoted to league 3 which is fine by us. With only one win to my name this season be sure I'll be trying my damnedest to improve on this! I'm sure messrs Stokes, Sloan, Forbes, Wallace et al will be doing the same!

Captain out!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Firsts home v Waverley (Tue, Mar 20)

Last match of the season, last chance to avoid the wooden spoon. Supersub Mark Dutton played #5 againsd Neil McPhee and got a run of points toward the end of the first to make for a respectable score but after that was under the kosh: 0-3. #4 Mike Hall had a thriller, experience against youth in the shape of Scott Tulloch - it went 2-2 before Mike got a lead in the fifth that he never relinquished: 3-2.
Nick Wood against Iain "Marathon man" Murray was 6-9 6-9, 7-9 at #3. Will Kerr faced a Scotland U-19 champion in Doug Kempsell
Down 2 games, Will started mixing it up with more patience and different angles to take the third in an uber-performance. Normal service returned as Doug imposed his game in the fourth: 1-3.

By now a crowd had gathered in the balcony for the main course, 2 world-ranked players in the shape of Kevin Moran against Chris Ferguson.

Chris played sublime drops glued to the wall and a hairs breadth above the tin which got him the first game 9-2. Kevin buried himself to dig up a higher percentage of these drops in the second and ground it out 9-6. In the third, the error count from Chris went up as Kevin continued to run everything down: 9-4. Kevin was clearly in the ascendancy now as some of Chris's shots were either exhibition or desperation: 9-2. Kevin won 3-1 after an hour of breathtaking squash and great sportsmanship from both.
Overall 2-3, 7-15 on points to leave us with the wooden spoon with which to eat the pizza.
One of the discussion points was the "further attempt" rule which was applied on the night but neither of the elite players were aware of it.
All credit to the players throughout the season, never dropping their heads and well done to Kevin Moran for going unbeaten. Well done to Capt. Cockburn for an enjoyable team season in the face of the teams not being as competitive as previous seasons. Time to regroup for the club championships and prepare for next season in Div 2. (Loob)

Grange IV vs Hatton

This week, we were up against third placed, and already promoted, Hatton.

First up was Brian Sloan. The first two games were traded 9-7, 8-10 as Brian struggled to lug his strained groin around the court. The third was a tight affair to 3-3 and it was clear that Brian was trying to win without moving. That simply wasn't working and the third was lost 6-9. At 2-4 in the fourth, Brian accepted he'd just have to grin and bear it and closed the match out 9-4, 9-0 to put the Grange one up.

On the other court, Matt Pearson was finding his opponent difficult to get to grips with. Long rallies were the name of the game, with Matt doing much of the running. But each game proved just a step too far as Matt went down 4-9, 8-10 and 6-9 to tie the match at 1-1.

Our very own bionic man Johnny 'Lee' Major was on next in what proved to be his
traditional 5-setter. The first was over in a flash 9-2 before his opponent got used to the chill on the Accies courts. And at 7-4 in the second, things were looking good until the game was lost 7-9 on a single serve run. Much the same happened in the third and the bionic man was facing a major service at 1-2. But superb running down of impossible balls made it impossible for his opponent to win many more points and Johnny closed the match
out 9-3, 9-3 for a 3-2 victory. 2-1 Grange.

Andy Whitelaw and my games don't really deserve much comment other than to say I lost 5-9, 5-9, 1-9 and Andy lost 4-9, 3-9, 1-9. Yet again we struggled to win at the top of the order.

Pizza and banter flowed merrily in the bar as the jovial Hatton moved on to better things in Division 3 next year.

Good luck guys.

Mike Douglas

Ladies wrap it up at Waverley, L2's go down fighting

The first ladies of squash beat Waverley 3:2 earlier this evening. Too many 5 setter games in one week for Donna left her a tad wooden tonight but it was worth it to win the Grange Over 40s tournament - (she has only recently been eligible to compete). However there is another week of games to play in this league so we will quietly celebrate until the final ball has been whacked before we start shouting from the Grange's upper terraces WE'VE WON!!!!!!!!!!
TeamRound 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Bonus
Grange 1 Comp Points1818


Watsonians 1 Comp Points41515


Waverley 1 Comp Points


Dalgety Bay Comp Points4


C.L.A.S.S. 88 Comp Points151314




Competition points system used: 1 points per game, 3 points for win

Division 1 Order Of Merit
Division OrderOfMerit Player Rating Pos Team Name
1Kim Byers237.241C.L.A.S.S. 88
2Catherine John220.683Grange 1
3Samantha Fearnley203.72C.L.A.S.S. 88
4Donna Cruickshank180.911Grange 1
5Heather Spens170.821Waverley 1
6Hayley Cooper159.531Dalgety Bay
9Lottie Fulton152.992Grange 1
12Jacque White120.515Grange 1
14Georgina Jamieson113.424Grange 1
17Julia Lutte106.356Grange 1
19Anna Gaskell104.127Grange 1
27Karen Kennedy88.68Grange 1
There is the small matter of a play-off between ourselves and CLASS.88, who won the Oct -Xmas league (beating Grange by 1 lousy point. Even if we had been level on points, we would have won on games difference), before we can claim the title of Supreme Champions of the 2011-12 season. Does this merit a picture on the staircase??

Our Ladies seconds got to a good start againstt Tyne - #5 Caroline was able to serve into the stratosphere at Accies courts and won for the loss of 1 rally. Ale Stewart was looking good at 2-0 but Tyne #4 Maureen Pearman has bee playing squash for nigh on 50 years and in turn put the ball high in the sky to expose Alex's backhand volley: 2-3. Jo Petty and Karen Kennedy at #3 and #1 were outclassed. Dawn MacBrayne played out of her skin to beat Maureen Pearman 3-1.

1Karen Kennedy003

Katie Craig1327
2Dawn MacBrayne1336

Julie Pearman0129
3Jo Petty0010

Fiona MacKenzie1327
4Alex Stewart0224

Maureen Pearman1336
5Caroline Burns1327

Susan Pirie001

Competition Points8


Monday, 19 March 2012

Over 40's Handicap Final - Sun Mar 18

The Over-40s saw some heated competition over the last few weeks, culminating in Donna Cruickshank getting through to the final against Christy.
A few hardy souls turned up on the balcony but as the drama unfolded, only the most ardent supporters could withstand the tension...
Christy struck first blood to take game 1. Then Donna's handicap ratcheted up 2 points, she hit a few backhand boasts that rolled out of the nick to take the second. A massive rally in the third saw Donna draw Christy in with a hold, only to flick it long and out of reach: 2-1 Donna. Christy screwed the nut with some trickle boasts to take the fourth.
Donna in turn got her nose in front in the fifth and from 14-9 up, she won the match with a clinging forehand drop from the back.
A clean sporting match with super reffing from the outgoing competitions secretary, Mr Peter Young. Donna collected her 5th Titan racket from competitions, since joining the club.

Grange 5 versus CCS7

The Fifth’s were playing CCS7 for the last home match of the season. As usual our team had a number of excuses for turning up after the allotted start time.
First up was Doug Sheriffs playing Michael Gibbs at No. 3. Doug took the early initiative in the set and was soon 5-1 up and then let his guard down as Michael fought back to get his nose in front 5-7. Doug then rallied and was serving for the first set three times before; Michael took the set 8-10. A change of marker must have been just what was required as Doug regained his composure and gradually got on top of things and won the next three sets 9-6, 9-7, 9-0 for a 3-1 win to Grange.

I was up on the next court playing Bob Baikie at No.2. The first set, set the tone for the match with both players trying to end the point at the earliest opportunity, what followed was generally serve, return, dropshot/boast winner/tin and I took the first set 10-8. I went missing in the second set and Bob quickly won this 1-9, this set was so quick that we went straight into the third, this was a much better contested affair and I believe that a 6 stroke rally was thrown in for good measure and I sneaked this one 9-6. The fourth set was again a tight affair with Bob winning 6-9, so for the fourth game in a row my match went to a fifth set and yes for a fourth game in a row I was unable to emerge as a winner with Bob taking the set 4-9, for a 2-3 win to CCS7.

David Gibson was playing Fraser Steven at No. 5. David was in control of this match from the off and took the first set 9-2. The second set found Fraser trying to get back in the game and the set was at stalemate at 4-4 for several changes of serve before David nudged in front and sprinted to the finishing line winning 9-4. The third set saw David getting into an 8-3 lead very quickly before a lapse allowed Fraser some hope by getting back to 6-8. Much to our relief David closed out the set 9-6 for a 3-0 win to Grange.

Meanwhile Tom McEwan was playing Adam Hill at No. 4. This game started by both players trying to hit the ball as hard as possible and hope that the pace was good enough to beat the opponent. It worked for Adam in the first set winning 9-5. A bit of coaching ensued and it was pointed out to Tom, that a more measured approach would yield more points. Tom took the advice on board and controlled the second set by setting up the points with some good tight drives down the walls and then finishing off with a good drop to the front, winning 9-5. Third set saw more of the same, with Tom quickly winning this one 9-2. The fourth set was a tighter one with Adam unsettling Tom by chasing down more shots and it was neck and neck with a couple of points required for the set. Tom managed to close it out 9-6 for a 3-1 win to the Grange.

With the match won at 3-1 to the Grange, it was the turn of the No. 1’s to do battle for personal honour. Stephen Davey was playing Jamie Davidson. Jamie’s tight control at the front saw him take the first two sets 3-9, 7-9, which left Stephen frustrated at his inability to chase down these winners. Things turned round in the third with Stephen’s superior fitness wearing down his opponent to win 9-4. The fourth set a well contested set with both players sensing the opportunity to either close out the match or take it to a fifth set, Stephen managed to win this 9-7 and take the match to a deciding set. The momentum was with Stephen as he raced to a 6-1 lead, only for some poor shot selection allowing Jamie to get his nose in front 7-6, Stephen managed to take control again and close out the set 9-7, for a 3-2 win for Grange.
Match results including ref points was 19-9 to Grange. A good win over a decent Colinton Castle side.

Back to Grange for Beer and Pizza, which duly tuned up and with 3 of the opposition declining our invitation for some hospitality meant that there were 5 pizzas between 7. I must confess that we were unable to finish all the food and half a vegetarian pizza was left to be thrown out. Slightly disappointed that the haggis and sweet chilli pizzas were not on the menu this evening, but you cannot go wrong with a couple of pepperonis. Talked tuned to reminiscing about the highs and low of the season and an upcoming end of season squash/drinking tour to Newcastle for the CCS guys. Match report: Neil Love


1Stephen Davey1337

Jamie Davidson0236
2Neil Love0230

Bob Baikie1341
3Doug Sherriffs1335

Mike Gibbs0123
4Tom McEwan1334

Adam Hill0122
5David Gibson1327

Fraser Steven0012

Competition Points17


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

3's at Colinton 3's

Apart from Gavin and Richard putting up respectable resistance in closely fought matches, the rest of us were outclassed.
Colinton was buzzin' tonight with lots of other folk passing by and sticking their noses over the balcony rail.
Teams:Grange 3 vs Colinton Castle 3

PosPlayerRubbersGamesPoints PlayerRubbersGamesPoints
1Christy Looby0015

Hamish Reid1327
2Mark Dutton006

Stuart Keane1327
3Mike Gore008

James Burnet1327
4Gavin Fulton0234

Eric Donohoe1329
5Richard Nisbet0229

Michael Brown1335

Competition Points4


Pie and beans for tea, we were joined by Gary Speirs and Gareth Wright who regaled us with stories of golf pros playing shots while standing on a balance ball... and then breaking their arm when they fell off.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Ladies at Dalgety Bay (Mon, Mar 13)

The firsts travelled all the way to Dalgety Bay tonight. It only took 20 mins to drive there from Blackhall, faster than a trip to Abercorn but mentally, it was "over the bridge" and therefore maps were consulted. Due to an unfortunate combination of events - knee injuries, dodgy tums and sunbathing on a beach, only 4 of us made the trip North.
Scores on the night were:
PosPlayerRubbersGamesPoints PlayerRubbersGamesPoints
1Donna Cruickshank1340Hayley Cooper0231
2Georgina Jamieson1327Nicola Crosbie0012
3Anna Gaskell000Verity Whiteside1327
4Karen Kennedy0122Linda Murray1337
5no player000ForfeitLynn Verdon1327
Competition Points714

Sadly one of the 4 was carrying a dodgy back so Anna went down in 3. Georgina (not Scottish) loved playing in the sauna-esque conditions - helped to sweat out some of the wine consumed in Paris at the weekend, but the native Celts struggled in the heat: Donna looked grey walking off court (heat + 5 games + lots of running = Grey Donna). It was so hot that Karen was driving perfect lengths on her backhand! Sadly, lobbing it to the back wall wasn't so effective...

Supper was served in the fab new Swedish holiday home, with excellent views of the tennis courts. Baked potatoes with lots of protein fillings and some green decoration followed by mini doughnuts (yum) and Rolo biscuits (yum too).

Final scores were 16:9 to the others (inc ref points), and our first loss of the season. Fortunately we are now 40 points ahead of Watsonians, who had a bye tonight. They have two games left and we have one, so we can't be caught......thank you Kim and 2 more ref points.

Ponder moment: When was the last time Grange Ladies won the First Division??

Friday, 9 March 2012

Grange IV vs CCS 5

This week was a middle of the table clash against CCS5.

First up was myself (Mike Douglas) at 2 playing an experienced and wily opponent. He hit the ball with accuracy and Velcro and was simply too good for my scrambling. The first was lost 5-9 and soon followed by a closer 7-9. A second wind from somewhere let me in in the third and I managed to eke out a 9-3 (still not sure what happened there). Giving him a 0-5 start in the fourth wasn't the best idea and it was gone 3-9 for a win to CCS.

On the other court Brian Sloan was playing a beginner who had been drafted in for the evening at number 5. The first was over quickly at 9-1. Brian then got a little over-confident and was trying to hit winners from ever shot - serve included - and lost 7-9. His embarrassment was enough to restore normal service and 9-1, 9-0 saw the tie equalled at 1-1.

Richard Nisbet got off to a great start for a 9-0 before his opponent got used to the (cold) courts. The next two were very tight but Richard held on for an excellent 9-7, 9-6 to take us 2-

The tie of the match was on the other court where our walking advert for
'SURE'* was doing it the hard way. Johnny 'Lee' Major lost the first two 5-9, 2-9 as he struggled to deal with the absence of any pace on the ball. But in the end, fitness told, and Johnny ran out 9-2. 9-3, 9-6 to win the match 3-1.

Last up was rusty-Andy Whitelaw who toiled a bit against a fit opponent, but wasn't helped by an uncharacteristic load of volleys and drop shots into the tin. This rubber went out 4-9, 2-9, 6-9.

So in all a 3-2 win with a 15 point haul. That about guarantees our place in Division 4 for next year.

Good banter and pizza afterwards brought a competitive evening to an end.


* Even after a five setter there was no sweat on Johnny - what does he use? And no white marks !
** And Johnny 'Lee' major? The Bionic Man of course...


1Andrew Whitelaw0012

Michael Brown1327
2Mike Douglas0124

John Brown1330
3Richard Nisbet1327

Gordon Robertson0013
4Jonathan Major1334

Robin Carse0229
5Brian Sloan1334

James Betts0111

Competition Points13


Thirds home v Watsonians 2's(Thurs, Mar 8)

Our opposition phaffed around Grange until 8pm when they were sent on to Accies. That makes it 3 Watsons teams out of 3 that have gone to the wrong place in spite of Email reminders to the Myresiders ;-(
In this case, it didn't matter as they wiped us out in 90 mins with time to spare before Accies courts shut. Mike Gore at #4 was our only counter as he stormed his first game before PKNW sussed the court out and slotted the pinpoint boasts.
I claim DoTM (Donkey of The Match) on account of the lowest score I've recorded all season.
Back at the pavilion, pepperoni & veggie & ham/mushroom pizza saw everyone fed.
PosPlayerRubbersGamesPoints PlayerRubbersGamesPoints
1Stuart Moffat0013

Chris Weare1327
2Christy Looby005

Graeme Murray1327
3Mark Dutton008

Mike Robson1328
4Mike Gore0119

Peter Wilson1333
5Gavin Fulton0014

Michael Jenkins1327

Competition Points1


GRG2s Vs Waverly 2s (07 Mar 2012

Blog courtesy of Sloan Ranger!

Close but no cigar
Grange 2nd team outing to Waverley on Wednesday promised much and didn’t fail to deliver but it’s a case of same old story for the embattled side this season. With Pete & the Sloan Ranger the first on the scene, we decided to get the night underway at positions 1 & 2. Peter playing New Zealand’s finest in the form of Niven, Peter had a tense start to the evening: losing the first, cruising the second, stumbling again in the third and coming good in the fourth. Pete’s intensity held out in the final game for a comfortable end to the match – not his finest hour but doing the job and leading by example.

The wee man (aka Sloan Ranger) also kicked things off with a win over Mike Read. The shiny new racquet - Titan Voodoo available from all good stockists (and Christy) – impacted straight away as he raced to a 7-0 lead. Despite the prospect of a come-back, the wee man held out to race 1-0 up. Mike took the second but G cut down on the errors and took it 3-1 in the end.

At 4th position, Alan Stokes found it hard-going in the re-vamped courts, losing in straight sets to Richard Nettleton. On at number 5, Allan Wallace had a tough match v. Peter and it was evenly matched in the first 4 games as it see-sawed 6-9, 9-6, 9-7, 6-9. Final game asked a lot of both players and despite some good running from both sides, Peter sustained his good performance for a Waverley.

Finally, at 3rd position, we had Ian Forbes on versus local good-guy, marathon runner, part-time celebrity and sports education guru, Dr. Andrew Murray. For Ian, a chance to swing momentum back in Grange’s favour. For Andrew, a chance to equal (??) his recent running achievements and slay Grange at home. Full balcony witnessed some very entertaining squash with both players enjoying the hot courts. And it couldn’t possibly have been any tighter in the end. In the fifth match it went to 7-7. Ian crept forward only for Andrew to bring it back 8-8. The call was made for Set 2 with Andrew pushing ahead quickly to 9-8 match-ball only for Ian to regain serve. This happened 6 times before Ian actually made it 9-9. Sadly for Grange, Andrew closed out 10-9 with a total score of 37-36!

Once again, Grange 2 actually managed more points (151 v. 149) but couldn’t convert these into actual games losing 15-10 overall. Good scran, Barcelona’s brilliance and some healthy economic debate followed. GS.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Firsts home v Colinton 1s(Tue, Mar 6)

Firsts go down 2-3, 9-15 against Colinton 1's. Kev Moran 3-1 v. Richard McBride, Will Kerr 0-3 v. Gregor Thompson, RvLienden 2-3 v. Neil Thompson, Nick 1-3 v. Gareth Wright, Mike Hall 3-0 v. Kim Byers.
Some exhibition-style play from Kevin after an error-strewn first game loss feeding McBride's forehand volley. Some great counter-drops, flick drops and gets from Kevin to make Richard look like a beaten man in the 4th.
I saw the first two games of Rich van Lienden v Neil Thompson and it was high quality stuff, the working boast of Neil versus the straight drop of Rich. Rich said afterwards that he needed to drive a few boast-returns straight rather than crossing and putting himself back under the kosh.
This was the 50/50 match to decide who got the bonus points and no fault to Rich for taking it to the wire.
Mike against Kim was a let-strewn affair and I think Mike's physicality and leftie style put him in control where a more conventional opponent would have suited her better.
Didn't see any of the other games but Colinton seemed happy to come away with the points they did.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Ladies at C.L.A.S.S.8.8..M.o.n..F.e.b.5.

Bit chaotic with the Colinton girls all unsure of their playing order until the finally got it sorted at 7.30 and play could commence. You would think they were missing their big guns but not so, it was Grange who were missing their normal #2 and #3.
At #5, Karen beat Kirsty McPhee in four while #4 Anna "Kournikova" Gaskell bt Isla Davis 3-0 in the strangest game Anna has played (maybe she should study videos of Gerald Suggett or the pros playing on PSAsquashTV.com to get used to commentary during rallies).
CLASS got one back with #3 Jacque White (pictured) playing very well but losing in 5 to Lynn Grant. Georgie Jamieson lost the first against Sam Fearnley but pronounced that she'd sussed out her weaknesses. She backed up this assertion by controlling the next 3 to ensure the bonus points were in the bag for Grange.
Donna took a game off #1 Kim Byers for the first time and pushed her hard for two more before completely running out of gas in the fourth.
Overall 3-2 (17-10) and a body-blow to CLASS hopes of winning both leagues this season. Testimony to the strength-in-depth of ladies squash at Grange this season that an under-strength team still got the job done, away to last-season's title-holders. There just remains away fixtures at Dalgety and Waverley for entry into the playoff with CLASS.
It will be an interesting club-championship at Grange with 7 or 8 players in contention.
Chicken 'n pasta with home-made flapjacks for pud, very nice.

Ladies Div 1 Teams Ladder
TeamRound 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Bonus
Grange 1 Comp Points1818



Watsonians 1 Comp Points41515



C.L.A.S.S. 88 Comp Points151314



Dalgety Bay Comp Points4



Waverley 1 Comp Points