Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Racketball team home v Linlithgow (Tue, Jun 25)

David Grieve & Matt B after play.
First on at #1 was David Grieve taking on Matt B B, the score looks like David was in contention but unable hs opponent always seemed to get 4 points clear in each game and then protect his lead 11-15, 11-15, 11-15. David told me just to write the he was crap, but I think that is a bit unfair to the word crap. Anyway it gave David plenty of time to get away to make the lasagne.
Mark P and Stokey's tongue
  Over on the other court, Stokesy was trading games with Mark P, the running machine. This was  marathon of high quality boasts and length, it went to the fifth which Mark just shaded 15-12.
John Matthew at #5 took on John Ralph. I must say John Matthew's game has come on a lot since I last saw him.
Mark McCormack & Ali "118" Ross
Pete Young took on #4 Keith Barrett and said he was enjoying the variety that racketball gave him in the off-season. He brough this to the court where he came from two games down to take the fifth 15-9.
 At #6, Ali Ross came in as a last minute sub against Mark McCormack who is just back from a back operation and a bit hampered in his movement. Ali took  the first 15-12 and had the taking of two more matches but lost out 13-15 in both. Mark finished him off 15-4.
Pete Young after beating Keith Barrett
Garlic bread and Kit Kats
   The highlight of the night was also the lowlight, as everyone hd to put up with Christy sledging his gob off for the whole match... and still losing. Matt McElroy played the straight man and just played more steadily to take it 3-1.
   Up to the lounge for a feast of lasagne with Christy providing the Colinton desert - see pic - straight from robbing his kids treat box.

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