Thursday, 24 October 2013

GRG3 v WTN4 , Round: 3, Division: 4, Match Date: 24/10/2013

A maiden victory for the Grange 3 side against Watsonians 4.
First up was Andy Whitelaw at No 5 against Martin Gillie. Andy had been carrying a bad muscle tear injury and had tried to pull out of the match and would have succeeded other than for his captain's cunning expedient of not being at work to pick up any emails that day. Turns out that hanging around the T and trying to make the other guy run instead is actually a pretty good way to play the game (think I read that somewhere once). It was quite a close match with games going turn about but Andy pulled away in the last to win 3-2.
Andrew Beames made his third team debut and gave a creditable performance at No 4 against Iain Clark. Won the first and the remaining three quite close but Iain a bit too strong in the end.
Next up was captain Dutton at No 2 against Andrew Constable. A very hard fought match with every point like pulling teeth. Fortunately Mark proved the slightly better dentist and grabbed the three games, all of them from a good way behind, including a notable clawback from 4-8 in the third.
Richard Nisbet continued his excellent form for the thirds with a 3-1 win against David Hutton. Unfortunately the author was playing while that was happening so no details to report.
Best match of the night was Georgina Jamieson at No 1 against Paul Macari. A high quality and very entertaining match with lots of hard accurate hitting mixed with delicate drops, lobs and boasts. A pleasure to watch. Could have gone either way but Paul was the tighter when it really counted and ran out a 1-3 winner.
16-9 to Grange 3 on the night.
Thanks to Georgina's marathon it was a 10pm finish at the Accies and cold pizzas all round by the time we finally got to the Grange.

Event: East Open 2013/14, Round: 3, Division: 4, Match Date: 24/10/2013
Last Modified: 24/10/2013, By MyMatrix Logon: Mark Dutton
Home Team: Grange 3 Away Team: Watsonians 4
Pos Player        Rubbers   Games    Points    Player       Rubbers   Games    Points
Georgina Jamieson 0        1            19      Paul Macari   1              3           31
Mark Dutton           1        3            28   Andrew Constable 0         0           20
Richard Nisbet        1        3            32   David Hutton    0              1          25
Andrew Beames     0        1            24     Ian Clark         1              3           35
Andrew Whitelaw  1        3            42   Martin Gillie    0               2           25     


Anonymous said...

Paul Macari ..... high quality .... very entertaining .... accurate hitting ..... delicate drops .... pleasure to watch ?????????

Paul Macari ????????????

Can someone check this match report again please ??????

Loob said...

A pity Mark's match was not against John Davidson instead, when he could have been pulling teeth literally as a real dentist.