Monday, 3 February 2014

Grange 2s Vs Watsonians 3 (29th Jan 2014)

First blog post in a while.  Is it because we only sing when we are winning?

Another convincing result for Grange 2's
Wednesday 29th January saw Watsonian's 3rd team pay Grange a visit. A fine result for Grange cements a strong league position and reputation as a team to be feared.

Aoife at no. 5 took three games comfortably. Gorzer at no. 4 raced to a 2-0 lead vs. Ian Clarke but took his foot of the pedal... the fourth game particularly tough to watch with the match poised at 8-8, Ian confirming 'Set 1' and Gorzer slamming the tin to push on into five games! The fifth moving swiftly in Ian's favour, ending 3-2 to the visitors.

At no. 3, Forbes seemed to take things comfortably, winning in three games. A similar story for Wallace who closed out his game swiftly vs. Chris Green (only to continue going after securing the win). At no. 1, yours truly dropped a game but managed the win vs. a keen Jim Dougal.

Overall, the 2's have 170 points and remain secure in Division 3 with the prospect of promotion not too far away!

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Loob said...

Props to the Sloan Ranger for playing a captain's role. The team that blogs together...