Thursday, 31 January 2013

Seconds @ Waverley (Wed, Jan 30)

Waverley the visitors to Grange on Wednesday night.  With Waverley at bottom of the table, we thought we could give them a good run for their money and despite Sloan Ranger's best efforts to hinder things, it was a successful night for the club...  
At 5, the experienced Dougie Brown started slow but soon warmed up and walked off happily wth a 3-1 win vs. John Usher.  A close 4th & 5th game but well clawed out by Dougie.
Forbes at no. 4 - and like Dougie lost the first game but came back to take it 3-1.  Match of the evening goes to Wee Wallace at no. 3 who took on the mighty Dave Ferguson.  Wallace took the 1st game confidently but sat back in 2nd & 3rd finding himself alot to do.  The 4th game went to the wire - see-sawing between the two at the end of the game with Wallace victorious 10-9.  But... the 5th went Waverley's way - Dave taking it 9-6.  A fairly epic game lasting over the hour and a combined 59 points.  Willstrop & Matthews would be proud!
Walker at 2nd position looked fairly comfortable taking Pete Cochrane in 3 games.  Pete playing too much this week to sustain a strong performance.  For Captain Sloan, it was the exact opposite.  Helen Nicoll taking me to the cleaners and if the truth be known, I wasn't really in it.  More time on court required...
On the whole though, another successful night for the home club - established in mid-table position following a good start to 2013.  Long may this form continue.
PosPlayerRubbersGamesPoints         PlayerRubbersGamesPoints 
1Gordon Sloan0012Helen Nicoll1327
2Duncan Walker1327Peter Cochrane0015
3Allan Wallace0227Dave Ferguson1332
4Ian Forbes1334Neil Porter0120
5Dougie Brown1333John Usher0128
Competition Points148


Anonymous said...

If the mighty Dave Ferguson won three games and also lost the fourth 10/9, how did he only end up with 32 points?

Mighty Dave Ferguson Follower

GrangeSquashClub said...

Well spotted, MDF Follower. Looks like dodgy arithmetic after a few beers.
Matrix only knows the points sum so as far as it is concerned, it could have been 9-0 0-9 3-9 9-4 6-9 (Wallace's scores first) so it validated the score.
The fact that the 4th was 10-9 means that the arithmetic fed into the Matrix was incorrect.
Not that it matters, Matrix only takes the game score into account for the ranking adjustment, the points total is there purely as a checksum and is about as useful as a chocolate teapot on a hot MDF.

GrangeSquashClub said...

This from the report writer:
I’m sorry to say there’s been an error on this one. See the breakdown below.

Game 1: Allan 9, Dave 4
Game 2: Allan 2, Dave 9
Game 3: Allan 0, Dave 9
Game 4: Allan 10, Dave 9
Game 5: Allan 6, Dave 9
--- ---
Overall Alan 27, Dave 40

Although the arithmetic was on the Results Sheet, I didn’t sense-check before putting into the Matrix (and should have done). So apologies

Anonymous said...

The Mighty Dave Ferguson Fan Club accept your apologies.

There's only one Davie Ferguson
There's only one Davie Ferguson
Walking along, singing his song
Walking in a Davie wonderland.

GrangeSquashClub said...

Now corrected by the League Sec:

Pos Player Rubbers Games Points Player Rubbers Games Points
Dave Ferguson 1 3 40 Allan Wallace 0 2 27