Thursday, 4 November 2010

Grange II Vs Watsonians III – 03 November 2010

First home game of the season for the 2s was down in Stockbridge. A welcome change for some of the players who had fought their way up from the lower teams. Myself included.

Ian Forbes kicked things off at number 5 against Mike Callaghan. The game stared with some long rallies and very few points being exchanged. Ian managed to nose out in front and take the first and then sped off to an 8-2 lead in the second only to be slowly pegged back by Mike who had started to stretch out the rallies as the mistakes started to creep into Ian’s game. Ian held off and claimed the second 9-6. The third was and edgy affair as Mike kept Ian at the back with some nice lobbing. Ian was showing signs of frustration as it looked like the 3rd could be going Mike’s way. A few errors from Mike let Ian back in though and the Grange man closed out for a good 3-0 win.

Mike Hall was playing at number 3 against Watsonian’s Hector Milne. Some tight squash was played by both players. Mike showed plenty aggression and played some excellent nicks. Hector soaked up plenty but it was Mike who came through on top 3-0.

Patrick Langley took on Jim Dougal at number 2 in what probably turned out to be the performance of the night by the Grange man. Patrick was up against a very experienced player in Jim and had his work cut in retrieving Jim’s variety of shots. Patrick took the first 9-0 in a game I didn’t actually see however Jim kept back for the second fully warmed up and took it 9-7. The game was now red hot with Jim throwing all sorts at Pat only for it to be soaked up and thrown right back!! Some spectacular rallies followed in the 3rd with Pat chasing everything down. The game was truly in the balance now as this one went to the wire! Some grit from Pat meant it went his way, 10-9. The pressure was kept on with Jim trying to find a way back in but Pat kept running and played some tight squash that didn’t let Jim in to play his game. Pat took the forth for an excellent 3-1 win.

Captain Rob Pfab was on at one against Ali Carruth. Some great looking squash from both player meant it went all the way in the first with Rob saving 3 game balls!! Rob took it 10-9 to claim the first and then put his foot down to take the next to for a well deserved 3-0 win

Pete Cockburn finally got on to play the 4th string match at the end of the night against Gordon Fruish. Gordon played some tight boasts and drops in the first that had Pete running all sorts of ways, mostly the wrong way! 5-8 down Pete fought back to take the first 10-9. The second followed quickly 9-2 where Pete looked to be cruising only to be 0-5 down in the third when Gordon started to throw in those tricky boasts again!!!. Pete came back for the second time to finally close things out- 3-0 to the Grange.

A good win for the 2s, their first of the season. A tough defeat for the Watsonians guys who only faired marginally better on their last visit to Stockbridge.

First Marco’s of the season was consumed with Beer and some of Mike Hall’s questionable Tommy Cooper Impressions!

18-1 Grange (Report: Cockburnator of the East)

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