Thursday, 7 March 2013

1s Vs LIN2s (06 Mar 2013)

After coming through a narrow defeat to Watsons 2s and a good win against the students last week the 1s were on the road to Linlithgow.

We won this one in the first half 5-0 however from memory all games were tight.  We were fielding a strong team and based on our strong position in the league we were fairly confident.

I arrived on the balcony to find No.1s Sean Graham and Allan Hamer warming up so I jumped in the hot seat!!  It was very hot!

The heater was pumping as the boys got underway.  Massive rallies, Sean took a comanding lead to go 1-0 up and 6-1 up in the second.  Allan didn't go away and dug in to go on a good run chasing everything down which finally brought out the mistakes in Sean.  Allan pulled back the next 2.  A close battle in the 4th which Allan eventually 10-8!

Next door things sounded close for the 5s match between Jack Purdie and Nick Wood.  Nick took it in 3 however there was only a few points in it.

I went on against Craig Mitchell in a re-match of our Grange Open Final.  I won at the Grange but it was Craig taking the home advantage and the revenge as he took me 3-0.  Hot courts not so good for me on this occassion and seemingly for Willl in the next match as he slumped to a fairly lethargic loss to Mark going down 3-1 at No2

All was not lost however as we still have outrAce in the hole in big Stuart Moffat.  Porving to be a good match winner the big man did the buisiness at 4 against Craig Morrison to take the bonus points.

A close match with GRG taking it 13-8 and more than likely a place Div 1 next year for our efforts!



GrangeSquashClub said...

Well done the Firsts.
Boot camp for Div 1 starts on April 1 ;-)

Sloan Ranger said...

It's good but it's not '20 points' good. At least you're getting promotion!...

Anonymous said...

Not back in the promised land of division one yet.

No slacking in that trip to Dalgety Bay 3s.

Don't stagger, you stags.

GrangeSquashClub said...

I'm told on the Watsons site that we lost 0-5 at DBY3 but a teamster told me it was 2-3.
Watsons website is going into the same category as the Daily Ranger with reporting like that!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that other people actually read the

It's one of my fave websites, even though some of the stuff if just made up.

GrangeSquashClub said...

We like to make stuff up too. The report should be of similar quality to the squash. In our case, that means ;-)
Can you Myresiders not measure how many hits your forum gets?
National League reports feature regularly in our hit charts.

Anonymous said...

There was a recentish email about about the number of hits that and the associated forum have had. It was so many to suggest that it wasn't just richard mcintosh checking to see if he had replied to himself.

It's not often that richard mcintosh deserves to be defended but, in his defence, his post on the WTN forum about Grange 1 losing 5-0 to Dalgety Bay 3 was based on an email saying that the Bay had won 18 points.

R.McIntosh, defender of the guilty.

GrangeSquashClub said...

So it is at least 3 on - you, me and ESClubber ;-)